Project Julie/Julia/Khanum

by Khanum

Like every third person in the world, who go through many tasks at the same time, trying to rush things but with true intention of getting it done quick and on time. I too go through my routine stuff in the same fashion. I rush things and believe me, it doesn’t get me anywhere.

So only few hours ago when I started this blog with the Title KHANUM SAYS, I was writing with no clear aim but just this feeling of writing about my country, people and so on , therefore I was pushing my laptop keys fast fast fast and at the same time hearing news from across the room, stuffing dinner in my mouth, stopping at different words to check on the downloading files, revising lectures of my Arabic language class in between and to add more… I was watching a movie. JULIE AND JULIA.

I was watching it in bits. As much as the downloading speed allowed me to watch, I watched it. Not until that I was done with all other downloads and my blog, That I was able to have the full internet speed to Julia & Julia movie and watch it with nothing else on my mind.

The plot unfolded in minutes as the characters spoke. And All that I could hope to get out of  that wonderful story, was a charming little ending with something wonderful to remember and say, Yes. It was a good movie.

That is it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But guess what?  …I found much more than just an end. I think, I may have found a beginning to my own new life.

It appears to be that I was meant to know Julie & Julia today at the same time as I was making a new blog. Because Now, All I want to do is…. Follow Julie & Julia in their footsteps and achieve something of my own.

Julie, as I discovered and she revealed, has ADHD. Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder. I, too have ADHD. I never finish my tasks which I have promised to finish . Although I was brilliant academic projects not to forget I was usually the Head of every team, but talk about personal goals. I suck.

I, too have dozens of unfinished manuscripts in my laptop. I haven’t been able to really start a career or even a stable job. I am a Post graduate with degree equivalent to Masters in Journalism, 3.35 CGPA, Excellent reputation at My university or anywhere I worked as an internee that people used to prophesized ,about my shinny career. ‘This girl would do it’, ‘You have got it’ and so on.

A person with too many skills and fields of interests that narrow it down and I am a Jack of all trades & master of NONE!  Like Julie, I, too have to ask people to time me up. Set a deadline for me so that I finish things on time and don’t let myself divert my attention to something new. something more exciting and ruin my former task.

Enough of this.

Inspiration and determination has knocked on my door and I will not let it slip away. I have fantastic opportunities at my door. And no to mention a sober subject to blog about.

Project Julie/Julia/ and Now Slash Khanum launches today.

I have 6 months before I start my classes for Mphil which means 2 years of pure torture and hard work. Till then I have to do it all.

6 Months, Feb, March, April, May, June, and July to go. With Two language courses to be completed Arabic & Persian.  Preparation for CSS exams to be held next year and the most major things — Finishing my previously started manuscript of Urdu Novel. And last but not the least,  A work  I have been recently offered to do for A publishing house. A unique book on my hometown.

I hope, I wish and I pray secretly in my heart, That I wont be alone in this project. Somewhere , somebody will listen to this. Read it and push me to complete my tasks. My 6 months plan.

Cheers to Julie & Julia. The women who cooked and gave all the other women in the world more than good recipes:  Timeless Inspiration to hold on to our dreams and stick to our goals.


Bon appetit !


2 Comments to “Project Julie/Julia/Khanum”

  1. Pervisha (just realised this is your first name instead of Khanum *blush*), I like the movie Julie and Julia too. You’re doing great so far…soldier on!

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