Guess who e-mailed me last nite…

by Khanum

Guess! And make a good guess.

Pity- No! it wasn’t The President of USA seeking my assistance on how to repair the damage done to my land! It was Mr. Z. I kan’t take his name since he’s a renowned professor at a renowned University in Pakistan. The reason why he emailed me was to get my help. Yes H-E-L-P : help on a article he’s supposed to present sum where I guess.  And now you must be cracking at my sense of humor that How come a professor is at my door step seeking help? lol…. I am asking myself the same question but I don’t know what Big Bang just hit my life I seem to have attracted alot of jobs earlier. I met him at a publishing house. Mr. X (the publisher I am trying to work with) is his friend and according to him he likes the way I write so (atleast that’s what he told me) he’s willing to pay me a reward if I work for him. Now the only difference between his offer and the work I have done previously for My head of the department is the part Where i’ll get paid for my hard work! Seriously, if you are a good student, every third Professor will take advantage of you in Pakistan. It’s up-to you How you deal with it. Now money is not everything in life, sometimes giving a favor is the smartest thing to do and bravest but please, Make sure you earn enough before you think such nonsense. 🙂

WordPress , Is it you bringing me fortune ? I Thank Allah for everything He has given me.


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