FiLUMS Festival: HERE I COME!!!….But WAIT! let me decide what to wear first…

by Khanum

What To wear?!  THIS or THAT ??!!

This this this …. Or OoOoo …that is also very goody goody!

And ‘PATHAKKK’, there comes a slap on your face! Harsh, but needed for the moment.

Despite of having hundreds of dresses, millions of scarfs and a heavy wardrobe filled with heavy heavy things, It really is a wonder that when a girl  has to go out, it seems to be a loadshedding of everything. The scarf i used to adore, is nothing but a tacky piece of cloth now. And the dresses, UGhh!!!! Who wears such stuff now Mommmm????!?!?! Look at it.its drape and i’ll look like a big sack among gorgoeus people. I hate it. Please buy me some new one na 😛

And As I said earlier, ‘PATHAKKK’, another smack!

For the hundredth time i’m  reminded, ‘that I’m a hopeless case when it comes to choosing a dress fit for the evening’ And this time, I hate to admit it, yes I am.

Yes, Ladies and Ladies of ‘thought to be’ gentlemen, it’s a reality with humor on top of it,  that women can decide who to marry, but can’t decide for sure about what to wear  for a party. Anddddddd

While I’m on the subject of my hilarious life! 😀 I just received a call from Alma mater for the interview on monday . and a call from PITB as well for the interview on monday again…But that’s not the funny part.

I forgot I even applied there and I don’t know where the school is anymore and whether I like PITB or not.

FILUMS FESTIVAL! just bear with me, Here I come!


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