Ordinary Objects, EXTRA Ordinary Lives !!!

by Khanum

Take  good look at the Image below. What is it to you ? A picture showcasing a plastic object. Of course, just a spoon. Its an ordinary Object of daily use for many of us.

But not to me !  I Adore this Spoon with all my heart.

2011 , February 26. I marched into the kitchen  shouting for tea,  with camera dangling around my neck. It was  a busy day at home where I was the photographer for the seasonal party  with cousins , their brat children, old aunties and uncles. So Naturally, because it had been such a tiring time, Pakistanis can only yearn for one thing at such a moment. A good big mug of  black tea… made by none other than their all time favorite person.  Mum.

I found her in the kitchen and Thank God She was already making some . The water had been boiled and as she was standing holding a spoonful of  Lipton’s crushed tea leaves ”chai ki patti” as we call it, ready to throw in it.

I sighed and passed a comment on the spoon she used everyday to do that.

“Tell me something , mama’ I started, ‘…Don’t you get tired of it. Buss karedey ab isko.’

She turned back and asked what was I referring to. And once she knew, she started laughing at me.

‘This spoon is no ordinary spoon, Pervisha. Take a good look at it. Read what it says!’

‘It says …Um…it says Meiji.’ I read the name on it and still no extra ordinary reason popped up into my mind , so important as to keep it. But mothers – Ah. Our lovely dear and Wise mothers always have wisdoms in their Kitchen — and in every utensil that they keep. It took her only 1 minute to make this spoon  look extra ordinary from just an ordinary one to me. Let me tell you it’s story as it was told to me.

19bla bla October 5.  “A weak baby girl named Pervisha came in this world –seemingly crying but happy–  to join Khan Family. Everybody loved and cared for her. But Her mother loved her the most. She nourished her with everything best.  And soon, with the blessings of Allah Almighty,  the baby girl was a healthy toddler. However, when she reached  a certain age.   She became to develop lactose intolerance. It is the inability to metabolize lactose (a sugar found in milk and milk products), because of a lack of the required enzyme lactase in the digestive system… so unlike every other child who can drink normal milk every other day and digest it easily… This baby could not do so. So she was put on a special milk diet. Either it’s special powder milk or no milk at all.”


“Oh For God’s Sake Pervisha! I was getting to it — You simply ruined the history rewind moment for me –The spoon came along with the special Meiji powder Milk  I bought for you back then. Now get out”

‘Awwwwww ..Mother!!! You  kept it with you till now. How nice of you and … well- sort of weird.’

And ‘PATHAAKK’ , She threw me out of her historic Kitchen.  I wonder what’s more in there. You’ll me amazed If I tell you what was next.

Take a Good look at this brush for an instance! (Again. its not just a brush. If your mother asks you to take a gooood goood look at something – Trust me – it’s definitely going be something related to you in the past or either she just wants u to own it in the future.)

So this brush! Yes – It also has epic  history.  Though my mother now uses it to wash most of her kitchen utensils. But its real and Original use was back in 1990’s. This was bought along with the other baby stuff by her  and ‘it’ played a very vital role in washing & cleaning up my baby feeders — in which I used to drink up MEIJI MILK 😀

There’s a historical Cooking range as well. But my mother has kicked me out of the kitchen and wouldn’t let me distract her more.

😀 Go ! explore your own kitchen or your room ! You may find something cool – Perhaps a diaper.


21 Comments to “Ordinary Objects, EXTRA Ordinary Lives !!!”

  1. Awww, mothers are so awesome like that ❤

    I love the idea of this post. I might as well take pictures of stuff from my childhood next time I visit Karachi 🙂

  2. I ❤ baby frocks! Please post about them soon 😀

  3. The best part in this post or actually the pictures is the natural sunlight in your photos … I’ve always found the morning sunlight to be soothing and therapeutic. So it was great to see the hint of sunlight coming from corner

  4. Awwwww! I love finding stuff from my childhood. And I love your blog, after hectic hours of studying your blog made me smile so Jazak’Allah Khair Sister. Oh and I’m jealous of you as you are a Pakistani, I wanna come there. 😦
    And Great Photography. 🙂

  5. Yup I do wanna come there badly! insha’Allah I will one day. I’m from hyderabad, India, just shifted here last year for higher studies warna toh Riyadh is my home. 🙂

  6. Oh yes I’m so blessed to live there. And insha’Allah going there in few days for a short trip(which includes a trip to Allah’s Home 😀 :D). And I pray that Allah calls you there soon with your mahram (as you’ve mentioned in one of your blog, do i sound like a stalker? I hope not and I’m not. I just made a note mentally to add that dua of yours in my dua list so isiliye yaad rehgaya tha.) And you are from Lahore right? My fav place in Pak. *Sigh* Pata wo din kab aayega.

    • I am touched…….
      No you’re a good stalker i guess, jazak Allah for the dua Hijabi….. I really wanna go to Allah’s home. Alhamdulillah I have been there once but going there just once doesn’t quench your thirst. So many sins have to be washed so many worship has to be done. Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen, Ameen Ameen. Now let’s pray that my uncle agrees to go with me ..lol! Mehram ki b shartt hai eik!
      I can go on and on about Saudia sista! : ) glad to meet you. Allah apko bohat achi zindagi ata farmaye dono jahanon main. Ameen : )

  7. 🙂 Ameen. And same dua for you. 🙂
    lol Saudi Arabia is great just like that 😉 And same here nice to talking to you. Take care.

  8. Awww pervisha!! Thats so true! u narrated kahani har ghar ki 😀 😛
    Well, I also used to drink Meiji’s formula milk back in my childhood 😀
    P.S., I discovered today that your name is Pervisha!
    btw what’s the meaning of ur name?

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