Cook. Eat. Sit back and Relax! Its alright to give yourself the pleasure of pure good food Sometimes!!!

by Khanum

I always wanted to do this. I wanted to cook a good meal. Photograph it from different angles, focusing on its beauty like they do on BBC Food. Eat it up & then do nothing but just sit back and relax.

Now if you’re a regular cook at home, this may sound nothing exciting to you. Or anything that could give you a break from regular tensions of life. But let me ask you this. When was the last time you cooked something for yourself and decorated it for the love of food?

No. We don’t do this. Why? Because we simply have no time to adore our plate of food and be artistic for Food’s sake.

I had been dying to cook    something marvellous,  lately. So I decided to cook  Butter Chicken. But they have a rule. You need to have a Chicken and a big chunk of butter to cook the dish. Dang it!!! I said. It was in the middle of the night and I had no poor chicken in my house to slaughter.  What to do , how to unleash the cook inside me once and for all. I was frustrated and hungry!!!!


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I gathered everything  I had available  in open area of the kitchen (I say this because usually my mother hides her grocery away from me , fearing my midnight adventures could cost her  in the morning) and thought of a dish I could make using the limited ingredients.

WOALLA!! where there’s a will, there’s a way!  “Veni, Vidi, Vici“. I came I saw and I conquered.

It was a beautiful dish and a beautiful romantic date with ‘whateva’ I made in the name and pure love of Food ~ 🙂

Here are few more pictures of my ‘Cooking Phase’  from the past !


“Shahi Tukray”


“Sweet Simple Cake”

“With a secret on top” 😛

Note: If You like to photograph your dishes in every beautiful way. Do not hesitate to be creative. I had run out of whipped cream to decorate my cake with. So, instead of compromising on the beautification aspect. I did what a good cook should always do. Improvise.


Use the yogurt instead. Like I did.

It really looks like whipped cream after all. For sure ! 😀


6 Responses to “Cook. Eat. Sit back and Relax! Its alright to give yourself the pleasure of pure good food Sometimes!!!”

  1. I could’ve never guessed it was yogurt and not cream! You are very creative, mashaAllah. And I completely agree with you; we all deserve a home-cooked five-star meal every now and then. I think the last time I had a well-garnished meal was last week … chicken cordon bleu. I’ll post pictures soon, inshaAllah.

    • Shukran, Nadia.
      Mashee, We do deserve to sit back and eat good food! Infact, its the food that deserves our attention more. And that’s coming from a person who doesn’t have breakfast !!!:P

  2. hayee i wanna have the pasta now after watching these pictures!!

  3. Haha…your mom is so cute! Oh I love butter chicken too. The cake looks delicious…um even though its yogurt instead of cream. Kudos!

  4. You eat with your eyes before you actually taste the food. IT’s part of the fun of eating – to make it look good. I actually think food tastes better when it looks nice! LOL!


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