Her Heavenly Abode …

by Khanum


A letter to a friend far away

Sometimes to say good bye to someone you love is quite impossible. It is easy to say “see u later” instead.  But at a certain time in your life, there comes a moment when you have to face it.  You have to let go of someone you dearly loved whole your life. No matter how hard you pray, the wise men know there is simply no trade on death with God. As every soul shall have the taste of His decree. Such a bitter loss my friend, that has its shooting pain. I can only imagine as my time is yet to come, how painful it might have been for my friend, I can do nothing but only imagine.

If life is a book of colorful pages, I cherish its each color I shared with you. Colors of laughter love and joy….emotions I can never pen down. Such were the 20 young pages of my life with 85 of yours. Your companionship was indeed incomparable to any other object of the world. But holy wisdom lies in a calm surrender my friend; life is in fact no more than a brief existence, and we are sole travelers. It’s neither ours to give nor ours to take. Like a shell imprisoning the pearl. This body is a prison for the soul that demands to fly away one day, without any khalil, up onto the final abode. Where He has blessed: the Prophets, the foremost believers, martyrs and the righteous ones. So, today is a plain deal my friend, conditioned by death and remorse, tomorrow all the spirited ones leave the world at a constant loss.

Indeed sometimes to say goodbye to someone you love is quite impossible.

I know memories tend to fade away but they say heart retains its scars longer than any other part of the body. Along with the pleasant memories I hold in my heart, there are some regrets too that make me ache but make me love you more and more with each passing moon. Surely, I stand firm because of Him whose love is greater than our disappointments. It’s not easy my friend, but it’s His decree. I hear, I obey and surrender. So does every man.

You have gone away my friend. Your soul is free. But you’re still alive in my heart. I like to go back in time and remember old days, our offering juma prayer together in your favorite mosque, that white dress of yours and your beautiful emmbroided veil, a veil that sheltered me once from the sunrays, on our return to home.; your old kind eyes full of wisdom and your gentle calm face. The times you used to sit by my side whenever I was sick and pray with tears in your tender eyes. I still dream of your hands my friend, when I think of you, so soft like silk caressing my teary face.

Indeed sometimes to say goodbye to someone you love is quite impossible.

They say I am your reflection my friend, what a lie they tell. How could I possibly be pious as you? You were the height of righteousness while I ….Oh! How badly I wish, if I could turn the time back and end my grief. How badly I desire to right the wrongs of my yesterday, bring you back and sit next to you again. But Alas! Life is momentary and uncertain my friend, death is its part.

As patience is retained by the desert without rain, I shall have patience and remember you as my friend, O my beloved Nana. I shall pass your love to my children’s children. I shall walk on your footsteps and keep you alive in my heart. As time goes by, my memories will fade away but I shall always remember the one who caressed me and took my worries away. You and I belong to different worlds now but death is only a pause in this momentary life, a new life awaits. So when He will shower His rain upon me I shall meet you again. Until then I pray thee peace, my friend, whenever I kneel before Him in my prayer. I’ll grow older and older with each fleeting moment and memories will grow fainter so they say, but as long as my mortal heart will beat, I’ll keep in heart the day the angel of death took you to your heavenly abode…

Indeed sometimes to say good bye to someone you love is quite impossible.

But …We All belong to Allah my friend, to Him we return!

May Allah rest your soul in peace, my beloved Nana! I miss you. But One day, if Allah wills, we’ll surely meet.


Verily, Allah! Unto Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, He gives life and He causes death. And besides Allah you have neither any Wali nor any helper.

Al Qur’an – Surah Taubah: 116

(In loving memory of my Nano… )


4 Comments to “Her Heavenly Abode …”

  1. May Allah rest your nano’s soul in peace and grant her jannat-ul-firdous. Ameen.

    This post made me miss my own grandmother, and I am wiping away a tear as I write this. You wrote this piece so beautifully it touched my heart. God bless you.

  2. May Allah Great your grandmother the highest level of Jannah. Ameen.
    Was going around your blog to find something nice to read in my study break, instead found this one. So beautifully written, I can totally understand how you feel. This made me miss my dadiammi, she was my best friend. We used to crack jokes that no one could understand and we had our code words to communicate. Seriously having grandparents is such a blessing. May Allah grant all the grand parents Jannat-ul-firdous.
    Jazak’Allah Pervisha for this article. Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds. Ameen.

    • Ahh you always find my old writings that bring back so many memories. May Allah Kareem bless my Nano and ur nano and nano every believer with Jannat ul Firdous. Ameen
      Jazak Allah for the prayers. Same blessings for you.

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