Dear God

by Khanum

I write to you because I feel this need, to mention what things worry me in my life. A life which was given by you. A life in which I had no say when you deported me to this world.

There are times, when i am lost. When I have no hope left inside of me for things I want to achieve in this short existence.  I cry, I shed tears because I feel so lost that I don’t even want to call it ‘my life’ anymore. I name it as ‘Yours.’

And then suddenly, the pain seems to slow down a little. It agrees to stay on hold for awhile. I don’t know how it happens so fast , Dear God – but it does.

the moment I name it Yours, I’m relieved of my pains.

Is this a sign that in your eyes, I’m accepted ? I’m loved ?

I will say no more then. I have found my true Home.

Yours Forever,



14 Responses to “Dear God”

  1. How true! Nothing is ours in this temporary abode 😀

  2. That seems like a pretty magical experience.

  3. Well prayer is very important … achieving/seeking that personal connection with God, during prayers is very humbling to the heart and the overall state of mind. Trust Allah as He has promised to take care of you and He is the best of a promise keeper. Thanks for actually sharing your prayer experience

  4. I like the act of surrendering one’s self. Letting go of the claim of my life and calling it Gods does sound like a nice way of being welcomed home. Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. ‘the moment I name it Yours, I’m relieved of my pains.’

    Lovely – thank you

  6. Gods word is in time of need turn to me, ask me, I will give you everything you need. I will never let you down….

    …. And he never does.

  7. Ah the path to finding yourself


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