No Children of Heaven. Just a Graduate

by Khanum

The feeling is mutual. That’s what my friend said when I revealed to her my latest thoughts on ‘Post Grad Syndrome.’

Chirography, I would say,  is the mirror of our mind. Now please, Re-read the line for my sake. I said Chirography, not choreography.

You can easily read a person’s mental state by having a look at his handwriting. If the alphabets he writes down look wrecked –  Oh boy! He’s definitely not right mentally. A depression may define his state. And if the words look like flowers on the paper sheet. It’s a clear sign of his mental healthiness.

But what has it got to do with my shoe snap above?

Well, I have my own theory on identifying a Graduate with Post Grad Syndrome. It’s not by his hand writing that you find his depression – The story of his despair is found when You look at his Shoe.

If they are wrecked. Torn – faded – reminding you of some Iranian Movie ‘Children Of Heaven’ ,  — BINGO!!! You have just spotted a poor jobless  grad !

And in this case, me and my friend were the victims. It was just another job hunt day for us, and we were so full of high hopes and enthusiasm, even though we stomped on swollen foot and it was really like marching by the valley of despair but yet, we  hummed  the ever green ‘rock you’ tune in earnest , just to have a good background music.

So just like that, I looked down at my feet while walking. I knew something was wrong . My feet felt wet all of a sudden. I looked down – inspected my shoes and Berra ghark! My long time buddy shoes were now slightly torn because of the constant hectic walk. And because it had been raning earlier that day , I had been a victim of water leak in my shoe. Berra Ghark again!

Now if it had been some other day I would have expressed disgust over this – but that day – It seemed like I was a Graduate of Heaven.

‘Look at this’ I extended my left foot , ‘Its official now, we’re the children of Heaven. Majid Majidi should do a remake version of His movie, casting us.’ , I muttered to my friend Faiza, laughing all the way. She looked at me , then at my shoe and then back at me.’  L-O-L . ‘ was her expression.

We think, It was the best day of our job hunt adventure. As every time We both  look at this picture , We can’t help reminiscing. I’m a freelancer now, she’s a office woman. And Majid Majidi is still in Iran – oblivious of our remake version . 😛

So What’s yours  Post grad Syndrome memory?


18 Comments to “No Children of Heaven. Just a Graduate”

  1. I loved how you said Berra ghark! That is one amusing story on post-grad syndrome 😀

    I’m afraid I don’t have any syndrome to share. I was very happy to have graduated and had planned for my parents to immediately find a rishta and marry me off with no delay whatsoever. However, a month after graduating (which I spent chilling at home and watching TV to my heart’s content), a few friends forced me to join them to apply for this post. To my parent’s delight, I went for the interview, and got the job. They must’ve been praying so hard 😀

    • hahahaha Nadia, I still have no idea what’s your job 😛

    • But if it counts, meri amma ko to chain hi nahi! she’s off to matchmaking i’m off to work!
      I was the total opposite of what u did ! LOL. though i did observed aram for quite a long time and even now freelancing is kind of sakoon thing.

      • My background is in healthcare. The first and second jobs that I had were related to teaching, and now I’m a quality assurance specialist for a healthcare company (I basically approve/reject projects before they are released to the doctors). I thought teaching was a stressful job; this one’s even worse. But I am staying because Masood is my boss. Literally 😀

    • Oh how wonderful!!! husband and boss bhi. 2 in 1!
      my friends have teaching jobs. I too think its hectic. Especially schools who pay you good , expect u to be their slave. Yuck thoo! lol…. i ditched my teaching interviews and now happy freelance sailing!!!

  2. bht zabardast story likhi hai kya din yad kerwa diye…. haahahahahahahahaha

  3. love this post. haven’t read ‘bera garak’ word in ages. Thanks:)

  4. Oh no Pervisha, my shoes have just also torn and I haven’t even graduated yet!!! Tsk tsk….this is not good…..!
    Anyway, good luck to you 🙂

  5. You’ll find a job, it’ll take some time and effort. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I’m not graduated yet, which might be why I’ve never heard of Chirography until reading this. I suppose knowing what typography doesn’t count.

    Just out of curiosity, based on gender roles (specifically for my very masculine boyfriend who writes like a caveman) do you think we have to view handwriting through the lens of one’s gender, or view all handwriting without knowing/caring about gender? You’ve got me curious.

    • haha! I am happy to see that someone took notice of CHIROGRAPHY in my post. I actually don’t know much about the art of deducing person’s personality by noticing his handwriting. I came to know about this concept while I was watching a korean Movie. It spoke of the Chirography and I googled it later on. The thing is chinese which probably means it’s true like martial arts. I suggest you research it. We can definitely tell alot by a person’s handwriting. People who like to write alphabets pointing upwards are said to be highly confident in all matters. Do tell me what you find. All the best.

    • and one more point. Ask your friends to draw straight lines vertical as well as horizontal using a pencil and no ruler support. If they draw a straight line instantly it indicates they are strong in decision making. Where as uneven line means their incapability to make a decision. they are more like double minded people.

  7. loved the story 😉

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