Fire Exit – University se bichar kar haqeeqat khuli Faraz, duniya bohat haseen hai magar University ke saath

by Khanum

“Are You Single?” …”Ah…I wish”.

“Are YOU married?”  “Yes…”

“Hey, are you engaged?” …”Uh – well its complicated. ”

….”And hey what about you? Any chances of making us happy?” ….

“well, No. Not yet. I like being single” 🙂

Hmmmm… “So who misses University days?”

And they all Hail in Union. “AH … I MISS IT ALOT!”


Who doesnt, han? 🙂 I mean, I know we wanted to get out of their like prisoners wish to escape hell, But friends, who knew we would miss that jail on the Jail road later on?  I know why- Because they were the best days of our lives.

Same old class mates, same old ways…same old questions, but now when you bump into them so randomly at your Facebook . you realize, Their way of looking at life is now entirely different.

To begin with – they take life more seriously now. or should I put it bluntly. Life has put them under serious radar. 🙂

2: The family drama is no longer avoidable. University is no longer there to provide emergency escape. You can’t tell your parents, “Oh well – i have this very urgent assignement you see. I have to finish it by midnight – so if you please can excuse me from this family counselling.”

Nor Can you emotional blackmail them. “That’s it. I’m quitting studies. See – you have totally ruined my concentration , now I can’t study with all of your marriage nonsense , Mother. puhleese”

3. Most importantly, You have simply no excuse or reason to enter yourself in STUDENT competitions. Which pisses me off very frequently now. its like all the organizations decided to hold competitions right at the time when I passed out from my university. Dammit.

You can’t hangout alot, You can’t bunk on your family issues, You can’t call yourself a Student, and worse you feel this constant force to earn good for the sake of — well, whatever the reasons maybe.

Its different story for everyone BUT  with the same result. We all wish to go back to university and relive those days.

I Think, my friend. It wouldn’t be wrong to say… University was our “Fire exit”. If so… Then what a mind-boggling  fire exit it was.


11 Comments to “Fire Exit – University se bichar kar haqeeqat khuli Faraz, duniya bohat haseen hai magar University ke saath”

    • Poet. Jiska shair dar asal kuch yun hai or meiney uska teeya pancha kardia hai. 😛
      Doston se bicharr ker haqeeqat khuli faraz,
      Duniya bohat haseen hai Magar doston ke saath

      Allah mafi Nadia. tum ne tou Mama ke andaaz mai pocha hai. Kon hai ye faraz ! 😛

  1. Very true Pervisha! University days make up most of the best days of my life 🙂

  2. First year in college.
    Still, I haven’t thought, how it will be leaving the college.
    But leaving the school. I know, how it was ! School ki yaadein—alfaaz nahi hain bayaan karne ke liye. Really, it feels nice to call myself a student. Wherever I am, I ask for student concession. And most of the shopkeepers give it smiling. (How it will be, when I won’t be able to call myself a student).
    Excellent class of writing. I hope I can learn this art of doing magic with words. My elder brother (cousin) knows this. Whenever I ask him to teach me a little, he has a tailor-made excuse—“You always over-rate me”.

    • What a surprise, Brother! I’m honored by your comment here and no I will not give you any excuse. I will simply tell you to explore your talent and that’s it 🙂 Its comes from within or it doesnt come at all. Lol…
      Stay Blessed.

  3. I totally agree with you on this.
    When we’re there we cant wait to get out and now when we’re here we miss it. And who would have thought we would actually miss it too, aye.

  4. Acha, when are you going to post again? Miss you.

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