Life Management. Missing Toddler days

by Khanum

The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe. (Lawrence Kutner)

When I was a toddler. I really was just a toddler. Nothing else.

I had the sweets for the sweets. Which is why it was very easy for my parents to lure me into a toffee trap. They wanted me to grow up soon. I wanted to grow up soon too , thinking Oh wow! how cool it would be to walk on my very own and very very personal two legs.

My first step was like a blast for the family. Mother was thrilled. So was my Nano. But there were some radical elements in the family who were like ‘So The devil has got legs too now hmmm’ ! (of course I could read their expressions. I was a toddler not an insect.) I started running. People fancied my legs for awhile and then they got bored.  So anyway. I grew up.

Time management was a concept still alien to me.

Went to college, no , went to kindergarten first. Then jumped to higher classes in school. Teachers there demanded my growth again. Though I never really understand why I happily agreed with their rush. i should have said Give me a break bonkers but ah Innocent , cute…I gradually began to blossom.

And Time Management became a force upon me.

Wake up. Study. eat. Sleep. Wake up. Study. eat sleep. Wake up. study. eat. Sleep.

In University. The ‘Sleep’ became a luxury unknown.  So the equation was: Study. Eat. Study. Eat. Study. Eat.

Then I got  job. (Yes, I finally got one, will blog about it soon) and then the equation entirely changed.

I have no equation now. 😀 Its like chal so chal.

Now I’m  not a toddler. None of the readers reading this are . We are the owners of two proud legs. Legs. Which are crippled by the burdens and feet swollen by constant running after the glitters of this fast world. We have Crazy Schedules. Which makes me envy my toddler cousins.  Their toddler-time management is nothing but a luxury please note. (Their time management includes only poo poo and sleep sleep.) And now I am the one to push them to grow up. 😀

I guess that’s how we roll han?

“A grownup is a child with layers on.”


6 Comments to “Life Management. Missing Toddler days”

  1. Fortunately I don’t remember my toddler days, so I’m not sure how life feels without time management 😀

  2. Haha, you’re hillarious Pervisha! Fun post, well written 🙂

  3. LOL! This is hilarious! i love the way you write 😀

  4. God, I get that feeling all the time. I want my nap time back. WAAH.

  5. Thank You my lovely lady readers! 😀

  6. nice write up!!

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