Will your Colleague ever change?

by Khanum

Sitting at my seat in my allotted area at the workplace  : And counting down the Yahoo’s and Not-so-Yahoo things of today.

Yahoo No. 1 : Boss is not In. Nobody is pushing the  beings to work. Heaven!

Confused Yahoo : 2- Summer Camp is on.

3 – I’m tired of taking funny pictures of  EACH and EVERY activity. Definitely A boo-hoo Yahoo.

4- It’s insanely hot in Lahore. Bohoo!

5- Read the newspaper accident-ly today. The front news was way devastating. Now I’m worrying how will the poor mother of recently martyred Pakistani Soldier live ?

She. is. Alone. No Yahoo!

6- I need vacations. YES YES YAHOOOOOOO!

7- First Ineed money for vacations. Dang it! Why a bohoo must come after every yahoo.

8- I need to learn Turkish proper. 😦 Naaaah!

9- Have to loose the grudge against Turkish class homework first.

10- And  now Let me just tag line my major problem of Today , To which I dedicated the Title!.

Aha! The pen you lend to a colleague in office will never make its way back to you. Ever. Mark my words. A Ghostly colleague , (When I say Ghostly it probably means I have no idea who’s the real culprit )borrowed a red pen from me 3 days ago and its still hasn’t been returned. Funny Office Stuff, eh! The Mother of All bohooz! Will your Colleague ever change?

Allah! I have no hope.

So I started Taking pictures,  randomly.  What else will you do  at your workplace, Besides work ?


12 Comments to “Will your Colleague ever change?”

  1. This picture definitely made me say YAHOOOOOOOO………..Loved each and every YAHOO and non-yahoo things 🙂 and above all love your creativity with writing as well 🙂

  2. Really a yaho0 is always followed by a bohoo and a bohoo must always be beaten up by a yah0o , eh! 😀

  3. Could the summer in Lahore be any worse than what I am experiencing here in Hyderabad? I have made Masood promise me to NEVER ever being me to India during the summer season. EVER.

    My colleagues don’t have to return the pen because I refuse to let them borrow mine 😀

    • Oh u’re so smart Nadia! I would have refused too if I she had asked me , that is!, lol! They just come, take the pen, and fishuuuuu they go! Amazing! Its the 4th or 5th time I have lost my pen!

      I hope Masood bhai keeps his promise not to lure you into the oven again and roast you at 100 degrees 😀 in hyderabad!

  4. Oh Pervisha that is so true. There are always some ghost who spirit off my pens, but that ghost has followed me from job to job and also to my home. I have had moments where I was frantic looking for pens, and then had to borrow another. But I make sure to give it back normally. Although there is a pen right here next to my Imac and I have no idea where it came from. Must locate owner. Thanks for reminding me. I do hope you get a vacation too. I want some travel time, but the money thing is preventing me too.

  5. I love your spirit Pervisha! Sorry about your pen….take another one from another colleague? Hehe….kidding kidding! Next time tag it with a sticker of your full name!

  6. I love this post! really made me smile 😀 Im yahooing for no reason now.
    I took a similar picture the other day, the different colours seemed fascinating 😛

  7. This is what I do in school everyday. Count the yahoo’s. 😀
    Except I can’t take any pictures, tsk tsk.

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