Linguistic Maniac & other Syndromes.

by Khanum

Urdu, English, Arabic, Hangul, Turkish. Once I’m done with these, I will move further. And Who knows what more languages I may end up learning before I expire from this World.

It’s National geographic Thing. Utterly amazing & mindbogglingly Adventurous.



I was in school, perhaps in class 5 when I got the  craze to achieve perfection in Britisher’s Language in order to become Master of  English Lingua. Click Here if you wish to read my tale of English Maniac. I settled the score at that game long ago despite of the fact that I am still average at my Mother tongue i.e., Lingua Urdu! This is another tale. According to my mother, it’s a side effect of living in a land where Britishers once ruled – Stubbornly.

“Angrez chaley gayem magar apni aulad chor gaye” is the common saying around here if you suck at Urdu round the clock.     Anyway.

I have this syndrome. Which pushes me to do new things and have know-how of other stuff  , other cultures alien to me. It’s  ‘I-have-to-learn-something-something-all-the-time-in-this-world-or-I-will-die” kind of situation. So whenever I’m fascinated by something I have to have it googled first. Then later on loose my sleep over it for several nights before I come to decision to finally go for it. Same thing happened with riding  a bicycle. I was so in awe of the working of two wheels. How come people are able to balance their fat body merely on two thin wheels, han? I finally got it after practice.

Now ever since National Geographic & Discovery Channel became the number one sources to watch all weird activities going on in the world, to top it all, ever since , I – became more taller and stronger: The passion to learn and continue the process has been of tremendous weight.

And now I feel even He wants me to go for different things and make myself reach somewhere, somewhere – where He’s waiting for me to reach.

First I bumped into Turkish People where I work. Gladly there I am offered free Turkish classes. Its another matter altogether that I find the instructor rather non-teaching-material. Anyway, before Turkish came into my life, I was already having a one on one with Arabic. It’s the language of my Holy Book. The instructor is very cool. Very helpful and very old. And did I mention it’s an online course ? it gives me so much room to go over the last repeated sentence of the Teacher anytime I wish.

Moving on Further, my recent obsession has been with Hangul. Korean language that is very complicated on the outlook but once you learn the basics its way easier as riding a bicycle. My way to Hangul was paved by Korean dramas mostly. My favorite character spoke fluent Korean so Of course I had to know what he and she were fusing about. It’s very amazing and fun thing to do, Seriously! And who knows which language might come handy to you at any moment in your life.

My list of to-do-things-before-I-die  is a quite a long one that i feel I shouldn’t even start typing. Plus half of them are related to spiritual contentment , so it’s better left unsaid without any show off. However, one very common wish that I might share with many and many people around the world is definitely this one : To Travel this Amazing World of the Creator and Give him feedback! and in order to do that – I have to know the different modes of communication. Here comes the languages I have been trying to master from past recent days – all together.

So whether you’re into different cultures or not, smart or not, competitive or not, rich or not. I feel, Having the know-how of other languages can make you stand among the most cooler and learned people in the world.

My, being the  fluent speaker of English lingua is a proof of that.  Would I have achieved the specific things in my life If I hadn’t trained myself to English tongue? Would I have been able to communicate with you people and known you  if I hadn’t learned this international language , in the first place?

The answer is obviously, No! So how many languages you’re gonna know ?

17 Comments to “Linguistic Maniac & other Syndromes.”

  1. I speak only English, I can understand some Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. But I need to get myself out into the world and practice it.

    • Yeah, Practice, D! Its the main thing. We have to have a practice partner or else we loose the touch with the language. I can read Korea i.e., Hangul script now, Turkish, and Arabic (since childhood). But still the languages which are natural to me are Urdu and English.

      • Oh Korean is a good language to learn, the letters are easier than the hanyu. My life’s wish is to travel and do good works, but it’s turning out more of a challenge than I thought it would. I feel like days are passing, right now I think I feel a little down about it. I hope my efforts will help to change things soon.

    • I agree with you, D. I think we’re on the same boat! Let’s a make a league together. and Travel around the globe. 😀 Nadia and Tien may join too, who knows! For a start, You’re welcome to my homeland. 🙂 Seriously!

      • I think we may be in the same boat too, but I am glad to have your company :D. I think we should have a traveling friend league, it’s good for women to travel together, safer. I think it would be nice to visit your homeland, and if you are ever inclined to visit California let me know. My best friend used to live in South Korea, so she has friends there. I have a Korean friend who is now living in New Zealand, too. I have some friends in Germany and in Wales too. We’re going to have to find a way to raise some money my friend, or a way we can make money while traveling. Let’s find a way my friend.

    • I now wish to travel korea. South side, their capital Seoul. Bugging my cousin for it. Lol

    • Okay!!! Game on hi! I am in! I might be travelling to Turkey soon. Let me come back and then Insha Allah we’ll definitely reach somewhere together. yes I think its safer to travel together. I would loveee to go to korea , D! Thank you so much for the offer. I would like too, to have you here at my home. I’ll show you around gladly 😀 let’s tell them we’re capable to making good use of internet 😀 such a nice thing we met eachother

      • Oh cool. I am going to have to save some money for our expeditions, but yes the internet is a great place to meet wonderful friends. It will be fun to see the world together.

  2. Perivsha! Danielle! Yes, I secretly have this dream that someday, I will go to UAE to meet Nadia, London to see Vix, California to visit Danielle and Pakistan to see you! Danielle who’s your Korean friend in NZ? In Auckland? Hey its a small town, maybe I might know him/her?? Oh gosh, you girls got me excited.

    • Her name is Jin, but I think she’s going by Aryn J now. She’s in Brisbane right now, I think she was in New Zealand, but I am not sure. I know my friend was in Christchurch a few years back. I’m excited too. I’ve just got to save up money. So now is the fun part, now we plan and sort of the sad part, I got to save so it may take a little of time, since the economy isn’t so great. Work has been scarce.

    • hahahah! Oh, Tien, we girls are very easily excited! Surprisingly, shopping does excite me as much as the travel prospect lures me into my family’s trap! Remember when i posted about Villas based on Egyptian style. I had fever at that time yet i went out with my family to those heights in extreme heat. It was fun 😀
      I would love to visit u too. I had plan to visit Nadia but she said its too hot in Summers there so come when the weather is nice. I think we shud go together n bug her 😛 ..

      I have this theory, that if we have a friend in every state of the world, the accommodation won’t be a problem. SO the only expense would be o Ticket , visa fee and other small expenses. Plus its always a secure point for female if they have any relative or friend in that country.

  3. Oh I think we should start a business, we all have different backgrounds, and I have a lot of business experience. We just need a viable idea. Anyone?

    • What kind of business experience do you have, D? We sure can do something together. We have the advantage of being in diff states u know, the currency value thing can surely give us some profit if we hit off some good plan. Mail me your facebook or skype ID, if u dont mind. Cant discuss the whole thing on this post lol.

  4. Lovely lovely and lovely post. Well in India as well they always say angrez chale gaye, apni aulad chor gaye..:P But love your ever learning attitude…Would love to meet you someday 🙂 You are indeed an inspiring person 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Valerine. 🙂 I would love to meet you too. DO visit me when you come to Pakistan. In which city do u reside?

  5. I live in Bangalore which is in Karnataka – India 🙂 Of course will visit you if I ever come to Pakistan and needless to say u are most welcome to my place 🙂

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