Suck at Drawing? Yet, Go Creative!

by Khanum

Every photographer goes through his phase. All the objects in the sight seem boring. If you’re honest to your work,  You may feel you’re useless.

Or in my case, I have been capturing alot of faces lately that I feel I should kill myself before I’m requested to take another shot of a human face. It’s monotonous , It’s tiring. And most of all, its equal to halting your creative side.But that is what they demand when you’re employed by  people who don’t understand a thing about ‘Creativity’. It’s always about traditional productivity  and how much work you have done. rather than How creative you have been. So its like Creativity vs Usual Productivity thing in every artist’s life. But what if you want to be both? It’s not about Can you or Can you not – It’s about, will they allow you to be ?

No. They will never do such sane thing. It’s a death for their business and most importantly, A hurt on their ego.

So the only refuge you can avail is through your own determination & imagination. Make use of whatever time you have. No matter where you are, if you’re given even a minute to be yourself, TAKE IT AND RUN!

And please, have faith in yourself. Take the leap of faith and go for your thing. There are many crossroads and many mountains in your way. Don’t worry.  Be proud and confident about your creative side.

Here’s What I would recommend doing, if you’re tired of traditional capturing.

I had no object to shoot today, plus our Head  has also left for Turkey this morning which means No Boss to boss around for a month. This should have been a Good news to me. Instead i felt more dull. Why? Ah – I have already mentioned, I am tired of Traditional photo shoots.

But I had to do something. This is what i came up with.

Please don’t laugh – Or consider your self killed.

I borrowed a blank sheet from the office, borrowed crayons from the Art Head and went ahead with whatever came to my mind for the post on my blog yesterday and even today. “How Many Languages can You Speak”.

Although I suck at drawing, calligraphy is perhaps my only talent when it comes to drawing lines. However, thanks to Technology, there are many ways to be creative. Only when I was satisfied with my toddler drawing, I clicked the camera and transfered it to computer.
Some of the Photoshop and magic on Picasa Software.
And WOALA! there we had a abstract piece, my own creation. At least I used my time being creative.


Why walk the one and only traditional road? Why not make your own route?


9 Comments to “Suck at Drawing? Yet, Go Creative!”

  1. I love this Pervisha, we can all be creative, I think it will help us live better happier lives. That’s what I want to do with myself, or the direction I want to take. I think the whole growing up and being an adult thing makes us feel so burdened and creativity is the first thing we sacrifice, but I think we have to find a way to be an adult version of ourselves without sacrificing ourselves.

    • It’s true , D! we do loose ourself n creative freedom over ‘grown up thing. I remember I used to draw almost anything on our telephone diaries when I was a kid. It were almost insects. I kant do it now. LOL

  2. I used to doodle all over the place as a kid, drove my Mom nuts. Now I don’t really, it’s like I stop myself. That doesn’t seem right. I am trying to get back to it, and find other ways of being creative.

  3. Wow, I admire your spirit Pervisha! Kudos to you. 🙂

  4. Yeh office hours main kiya horaha hai?? Tauba tauba.

  5. Haha, that was creative! good to know that you’re trying out something creative instead of just letting life be black and white and boring!

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