Lunar Eclipse seen through my camera Lens from Pakistan

by Khanum

Its after 12 AM in Pakistan. The lunar eclipse of 2011 is still hovering over us. I took pictures of the most anticipated lunar show tonight. Long Live my Mighty Camera!

And Here is the Last image my camera could process. The light is almost dim now. Only a shadow remains – that too , fading away slowly.


14 Responses to “Lunar Eclipse seen through my camera Lens from Pakistan”

  1. Excellent capture Pervisha!! *thums up*

  2. woW stunning images, I’m from Karachi that was really a great experience to see the longest lunar eclipse

  3. Oh Pervisha, you’ve captured my friend the Moon playing hide and seek!!!

  4. MashaAllah, you’ve captured the moon so beautifully! Well done. Shabaash! I did see the eclipse too, but it was too cloudy here in Hyderabad to actually take pictures.

  5. beautifully captured the moon 🙂

  6. MASHA ALLAH. Very nicely captured

  7. Beautiful work!. I always enjoy seeing lunar eclipses ! 🙂

    • My current 18-55mm lens captures a tiny moon. So I’m bit worried about that. Its goodbye to moon now, for sure, till I get a bigger lens or a telescope.

  8. Hopefully you decide on a telescope. The moon will fill the whole camera frame allowing for great detail.

    • Ah yes, my heart is set on buying a telescope next but I also need a better lens for videography, so I’ll have to first buy a second hand lens for camera and then a brand new telescope. Let’s pray I buy it soon. Within this year. You have made me excited about telescopes.


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