Third Eye Competition ! Get Your Cameras Ready Photographers!

by Khanum

It’s fun. It’s exciting & it’s one of the dynamic things my word press buddies, especially Nadia loves to do.  And since none of you could come up with an event as such, I decided to take the reins in my own hands and Go Yahoo!

Or Yeeha, whatever it is!

If you have the love to photograph, heart to display your work and mind to bet on it, why not go for a healthy competition among photography lovers?!

Don’t think twice, just Sign up for this competition.

Grab your cameras, challenge yourself. Aim, Frame and  Shoot!

Themes for the photography are divided into 4 categories. Each participant must submit 1 best shot in at least 2 categories. Maximum number is 4. If you don’t want to go for more than 2 themes, It’s alright. Just make sure you choose your two categories well.

In case the participant fails to submit his photograph for his second theme, his previous submission for the first category would be automatically cancelled.

The Themes/Categories are:

1)  Product Photography

2)  Third Eye

3)  Nothing & Everything

4) I love to Photograph

Now before you get confused, which I am sure you already are, let me elaborate the ideas.

In the first category, you are supposed to photograph a product, may it be a milk bottle, canon camera or even a mug of coffee. Your aim would be to perform the best product photography ever. If The picture sells well, so will the product. Got it?

In 2nd Category, The theme is ‘Third Eye’. It’s about being creative. It’s about Your imagination. Set an environment, give the parrot, rainbow wings.. It’s upto you. The photograph must have the element of creativity.

The last category is definitely the most anticipated one by me. It’s about photography above your own level. The theme is combining the two opposites, ‘Nothing & Everything’ together. Your photograph must convey both the meanings in one single shot. It’s not like they don’t have something in common. the word ‘thing’ is what makes them a couple. Only the most daring one would think choosing this option.

4th category is really very simple. Just submit your best shot of anything.

Display details: Once you submit your shots and the contest day arrives, your pictures would be displayed on this blog. You can then let your friends have the link to the page and ask them to comment on the pictures. The more you spread the word about contest, the more they get to know your work.

Judgement Criteria: 10% marks for Viewer’s likes. 10% marks from my side. 10% marks on the Caption and remaining 70%, the entire chunk for your Talent at photography.

So there we go! All the best!!!

Sign up deadline: 30th June, 2011.

Shot Submission Deadline with your Bio:    (Final Date yet to be decided. Tentative date: 6th July)

And now, few Rules & Regulations.

– your pictures must not contain any nude content. (Baby pictures are exception)

– It would be better not to go for fashion shots. Though portraits are eligible.

– No alcohol must be spilled on my blog. thank You very much.

– Anyone, even without a blogger Id can enter this Online competition, no age limit.

– This contest is mandatory for my blogger friends.

Prizes: The more wins you get , the more award you bag. And and personal Gift from my side as well. (Insha Allah)

For any further inquiry, email me at or simply leave your comment below. Thank You.


7 Comments to “Third Eye Competition ! Get Your Cameras Ready Photographers!”

  1. Competitions make me so nervous and excited at the same time! I’d like to sign up, please. However, I’m afraid I can’t make the June 28 deadline because I’ll be traveling during that time.

    • No worries, Nadia. Is 30th June suitable for you? Let me know which date will suit you best. But it should be before 5th of July.

      • At this point, I can’t really say; our traveling plans are chaotic. We don’t even have tickets to where we’re going yet. But I will try my 100% to email you my submissions on the 30th of June, inshaAllah. All I need is my laptop and an internet connection, anyway.

        • I have travelling plans in july myself, but lets delay the date for the good. I have made the changes. I hope Tien and D also comes back. Missing Smiley the most.

  2. Hey, I remembered that today’s the deadline for signing up. Please do consider me signed-up! 😀

    I’ll email you my photographs over the weekend, inshaAllah.

    • I feel such a shock myself when I say this, but trust me I am happy to give you this news way way wayy before the competition results day. YOU HAVE WON my friend!!! 😛 lol congratulations…Ure the only participant so far. I must say it, people have gone for hibernation this summers quite early hence no participants.
      It was supposed to be for You , tien and smiley and D. but i guess D is not into photography. Smiley, as u know, has left us. Hibernating definitely. and Tien. Well. m worried. she’s been missing from past 2 week is believe. I wonder where the heck is everyone.
      but anyhow, this event has a special photographer. I will definitely showcase your work on my website. Please feel free to forward ur entries to me. behna 😛

  3. Awww…..shucks, I missed it!

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