From Adorable to Horrible.

by Khanum

 I say, its a near death experience to have a photoshoot with toddlers. Let me elaborate why. Once upon a time (actually just a month ago), I was asked to hold a photo session of someone’s little princess. *meerab* A very charming little girl  *who is toddling her way beside me at this very moment* with brat-listic- mannerisms. And the second I typed her definition just now – she ogled me with her mouth opened.  Adorable. But she has her moments. Tantrums. & well Horrible sides.

I cannot believe, a photographer like me was insulted by a brat like that, once again. the former horrible object was Ibrahim. Here’s my *Iktabas* about him. That 4 years old man isn’t a good memory to keep, but I remember him in these words.

from my Diary – 2010. “Being a post grad totally sucks when you don’t have anything, JUST anything to do. Your family treats you as a ‘Massi’ of the house, your friends go underground and God knows what they do. Hybernate or what!!! And to top it all, relatives keep oozing out of nowhere asking favors excruciating to death.
‘Oh dear, can you please come up and take a few photographs of my grandson?’ Auntie Talat tried her elderly charms. ‘He’s just adorable…just a few pictures that’s all. He’s the apple of my eye you’ll love him. ’
Love him, my ^^^. The boy gave me asthma. And I don’t care even if he were her watermelon or mango of her eyeball. I would have given him a good beat on his diapered bottom if I could.
I ran after him like a lunatic for an entire hour.
‘Ibrahimmmm….see here. let me take a good picture’
‘Nooooooo ibrahim…don’t snatch my camera.’
‘Bad boy Ibrahim…….stop peeing on me you rascal’!!!!
Oh I hate 21st century Boys!!!”

 And Here Her mood has started to grow hot-hot-horrible!

And ladies & gentleman , here she didn’t even notice that I exist , holding a camera.

Thank You very Much.


29 Comments to “From Adorable to Horrible.”

  1. Pretty girl, mashaAllah! I do not have experience photographing toddlers, so maybe you can give us some tips after your not-so-pleasant experiences?

  2. This is such a cute post :D…I can understand it must be such a task..These days kids are not just difficult but impossible…I get jitters every time I think about starting a family 😛

  3. She’s like popcorn, a cute little kernel and with heat she pops. A naughty little pop.

  4. I don’t really find kids adorable or charming, they keep screaming and crying all the time. And I dont get it why people are so obsessed with them. PLUS, they drool. Eww.
    I would never do a toddler baby shoot, not even if you paid me a million bucks. 😛

  5. hey khanum.. mazay ki post totally 🙂 hey how cd he pee on u if he was wearing a diaper lol 🙂

  6. oh lol, that totally evaded my attention 😛

  7. What a cute little girl, albeit turning into a little monster haha! You capture them really well Pervisha!

  8. adorable! 🙂 kids can be the most challenging but beautiful subject 🙂

  9. Awww…this kid is so adorable!!

  10. such a beautiful kid masha’Allah!! and lol at your descriptions..perivshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 😛

  11. Awww masha’Allah! such a cute baby 🙂 Really liked the 3rd snap.. awwww she is just soooo cute!
    koochhii kochiii ko 😀

  12. Alot of people been askin me this. I dunt have twitter plans as such buh now i guess banana pareyga account. u on twitter ?

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