Showcasing : The Best Photography of Nadia Masood

by Khanum

 Deserts of Arabia – For the category “Nothing & Everything”

“There’s nothing in the desert that could immediately interest a person; in fact, deserts are often used to symbol barrenness.  It’s dry, empty, hot, infertile. But for some people, the desert is everything – their home, livelihood, and identity.”

The flamingos – For the category “I love to photograph”

“I have discovered that I love photographing animals and birds more that human beings. Animals are more challenging; they do not care about the photographer. And they don’t complain or whine 😉 ”  – Nadia Masood.

Few days ago, I announced an online photography event – contest – mainly for my blogger friends and others who love to photograph. But sadly, due to reasons which are still unknown to me, few of my blogger friends couldn’t prticipate and went missing. Other non-blogger people that I know had the tragedy of examz which prevented them from this epic contest. Now , in order to put all of you who did not dare enter the contest to shame, I feel proud and humbled to announce the sole participant and Winner of the event: Nadia Masood. 
This showcase on my blog is a little act of my appreciation for your photography. I now award you with one of my self created awards.

I promised a personal gift from my side to the winner. Insha Allah, you’ll receive it soon – if i succeed in my mission in Turkey. 🙂 Have a nice day.


12 Comments to “Showcasing : The Best Photography of Nadia Masood”

  1. Sorry Pervisha, I saw your contest, but I didn’t feel confident in participating. I just didn’t feel like I had anything that I could submit. 😦
    I’m glad Nadia did, her photos are beautiful.

    • Oh, D! i feel miserable for not asking u personally to step up. I was wondering why she didnt enroll. lol….come on. please do participate next time. I will hold another event for u and Tien. AJA!!! Fighting!!! okay 🙂

      • It’s really me and my insecurities. But to be honest, I do think I need to get over this. I always feel a bit bashful when it comes to showing my creative ideas, it takes a bit for me to muster up the courage sometimes. But I’ve been trying to be better about it, to be more confident.
        Maybe less a contest, but more maybe a project/joint venture sort of picture posts. My camera is sort of dying on me, the LCD screen is acting funny, so I can’t tell if I took a good picture or not, so I end up taking a bunch of pictures of the same thing. I know I need a new camera, but I will make do with what I have now (funny I thought Sony was a good brand).
        Oh I love that you said “fighting” it shows that we both probably watch a lot of Korean dramas 😀

    • hahahahaha Your last words abt FIGHTING totally cracked me up! AJA AJA Fighting!!!! 😛

      I have an idea for unleashing the talent in you. Let me come baq from my tour to turkey then we’ll arrange an event exclusively for you. 🙂

  2. Those shots are magical!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only all competitions could be won single-handedly like this! *grins*

    I love the award you created; I will display it on my “Shelf” asap. You are very creative, mashaAllah.

    Oh, and the best gift you could give me from Turkey is a detailed account of the place on this blog: buildings, culture, food, and people.

    Oh, and by the way, why do my pictures look better on your blog?

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my humble photographs, Pervisha. This is a form of advertising my blog – for which I am truly grateful. Allah bless you.

    • The pleasure is all mine, Congratulations Dear 🙂 and lol…all the pictures look good on my blog , I have a magical blog u see 😛 its Khanum thing.
      ur photographs sure deserved a display.

  4. I particularly like the first picture, very nicely captured!

  5. Thank you so much D, Tien and Habiba!

  6. Lovely 🙂 i would someday want to give up everything and get into wildlife photography…rite now I am busy photographing my little Alisha 🙂

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