My Muslim Brother…And my photography syndrome!

by Khanum

It’s another interesting day of Ramadan at home. One that is about to come to an end. Just few more minutes to go before we break our fast with the Call to prayer. Mum busy in the kitchen. Family set on table, praying. I stopped by to post few photos I took earlier today at home.

I was lucky to get a hold of my cousin brother while  performing his worship duties. Since It’s a rule for Men in Islam to offer their 5 times prayers in Masjid. it’s a rare sight at home to see any male member (either young or old) to be praying at house. This cousin of mine – after praying Jumu’ah in Masjid – probably decided to do some more worship at home. Such a noble soul these days. I luckily was free loaded with FUJIFILM. And you know there’s a saying, Where’s there’s Khanum with a camera, there’s a way!

   here I was caught with my camera! hence:  He went shy…..

 The last one I admit was hard to get. I had to ask him to sit properly. He would complaint. Then my mother in the background would say, ‘She’s the photographer of the house. Obey!’ hence, The Muslim Brother photography mission successful.


16 Comments to “My Muslim Brother…And my photography syndrome!”

  1. Absolutely love the angles in all the photographs! He seems to be such a sweet boy, mashaAllah. Tell him I said salaam.

  2. jhanzab tu model hi lag raha hai……….. and photography was awesome! ❤

  3. Sweet esp the third last photograph!

  4. these photos are AMAZING!!! great ones!

  5. Wow you can make such simple things look beautiful…My fav one is- the pages of Quran

  6. God, the intimacy of the photos. Love it.

  7. great photography, very parallel to professionals!!!

  8. Quality of photographs are exceptionally well !
    Its improved.

    Good Luck :~)

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