Principles of My Home Cooking

by Khanum

Cooking each time only and only when you’re inspired will make you discover yourself in many ways.  And cooking only with ingredients that are available at home is like discovering secret doors to Narnia.  My principles are simple and most sensible. I never step into kitchen against my will. I never cook unless or until I’m inspired. And I most certainly never go by the book rules. A good cook must never be afraid of trying out new things but for beginners  its not an easy task.  There’s an issue of recipe card and the chaos of time management. Not to forget the pressure from mommy on head.

Luckily This post is about ‘Item-up’ technique rather than Time-up. Forget the time and  Sniff out the available ingredients in your Kitchen that can help you come up with a proper meal.

I had just three items in abundant. Potato. Tomato & Lots of  Juicy Mangoes.

And here’s what I prepared out of these ingredients.

1- Salsa (My version)

2- Potato Chunks Salad with Mango & Lemon Juice

3- Rice served with Grilled Lady Finger combined with Sweet n’ Sour Masala

4- Creamy Mashed potatoes

5- Simple Pasta with Capsicum

6- And Finally grilled Eggplant which I love mixing with Yogurt! I wish I could say This is the only item that didn’t involve potatoes or tomatoes. But that’s not the case. Mango juice with lemon added just the perfect flavor I could wish for.

Tip: Putting a limit on main ingredients not only invokes creativity inside you but also gives you a perfect chance to show off your chef skills if you successfully pull it off fabulous. So man up! And Just try!


14 Comments to “Principles of My Home Cooking”

  1. I am truly impressed, Pervisha! MashaAllah. I should definitely learn from this post and try to be creative with ingredients at hand (I always end up calling up the grocery store downstairs for one thing or another) 😀

  2. Your dishes look healthy and light. You have a nice philosophy of cooking, but I think some people may not have the option of only cooking when inspired. As for me, I like to follow the recipe the first time if I am going according to book, but after that I do my own thing. I love to cook, I love to try new things, but sometimes I am just hungry. Like now, now I am hungry and should go prepare something. But what….

    • Yes, D! Ever since I came back from turkey, I have been focusing my attention on the flavors rather than the salt and chilli fuss. I might just write another post on it.

      • I’m currently on the “black pepper, mushroom, and cheese” fuss. I’m done with the salt and chili. I think.

        Now jaldi se Turkish recipe ke liye funds jama karo.

        • Mashroom with cheese yum yum!

          Yups dont worry I have already arranged my stuff – I had already bought some ingredients from Turkey. its just a matter of time before I hit the kitchen again. Luckily m on job so funding is not a problem :;) im very wise in spending money.

  3. Oh my God this looks delicious!
    Love the ingredients. 🙂

  4. Wow, Pervisha you are an awesome cook cum artist!! So you have abundance of juicy magoes? I am so jealous! There are no decent magoes here. Only those from mexico that (in my opinion) has no flavour at all! And canned ones taste like bad peaches 😦

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