Believe it or not, I can actually draw.

by Khanum

All my childhood I was sure I am decent if not awesome at drawing. Fast forward few years and in College I was told, ‘Yu suck!’ It’s true..I really suck at drawing despite of having artistic blood in my veins from my mother’s side. She draws and paints. My Uncle draws and paints. And  I simply shoot!

But one day, a voice inside my head urged me to test my skills. “Yu  come from an artistic family  yu Loser”

“Do I?’ I asked the Heavenly voice , that just insulted me.

“Yes, of course you mummy! Go! Make your mother proud and save this world.”

So I applied for a degree in the Arts department. Voala! They immediately kicked me out.  After that , its been 5 years that heavenly voice didn’t contact me again , until recently it spoke to me while I watched Manga Anime. Yes. That’s right. I am a Manga person. I said enough is enough to myself and from that day on,  These are the miracles that I produced in order to make my Family proud.

This is the Image I adore the most. I think the lines are pretty decent. But I did mess up his hair on the top though. My mother thinks he was a bald coot I gave him a wig. :o. I guess even that’s some skill!

 And this image here is my pride. All the other images were my attempt to get my lines straight. I had an image that I copied to perfect myself. However , this Bad boy here is my own creation without any COPY! I was watching manga anime and a very cute character inspired. Here I messed up again. The real boy was a cute one. I turned him into a little pirate. Again my mother thinks I have a natual talent at these things 😀 Now I don’t intend to continue to draw faces. It’s forbidden in our religion. I just wanted to prove to my family and that heavenly voice, “Yup! I can do it!’ And Now I must say someone should call that Department head and tell her what an asset she lost! I don’t draw that well. ‘Can’t draw wont draw no painting has always been my slogan but c’mon. Don’t all those artists call the ‘messed up’ versions of their paintings Abstract art?  😮

27 Responses to “Believe it or not, I can actually draw.”

  1. Great works! Really expressive with childhood feeling…

  2. You certainly can draw, Pervisha!

  3. Oh that’s really cool. It’s always good when you can prove to yourself you are good at something. But you’re can’t draw faces for religious reasons? I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to progress. It probably would have been fun for you. Good thing you have other things you enjoy.

    • Yes, it’s really cool when the line you think went roaming finally starts to make sense on the paper. I’m actually into calligraphy (will upload that sumtime) I don’t regret not being able to draw faces. It was never my dept 😛 …. And yes, We are forbidden to draw human faces or anything inanimate for that matter.

  4. Hahaha, Pervisha! I love your spirit! Actually Pervisha, I would believe you if you tell me you can draw. Somehow you give out that artistic vibe 🙂 And look, you proved me right! Keep practising. As for me, I can’t draw or even shoot properly for that matter! P.S. I really love what you did as your header design. I love the previous one, I love this one just as much. Simple, clear and pleasant. See, I can’t even design a proper header image for myself! 😉

    • First o all, (blushing) Thank you so much for a load of compliments. I knew since my childhood that you love my headers this much 🙂 If you want, I can design you one. And Thank you again, I don’t know how many more diverse vibes do i give but I certainly do have people around me who see the talent n’ care 🙂 You rock , Tien!

  5. Ahhh I ❤ anime! This takes you to a higher tier of coolness in my mind 😛 Those drawings are really impressive. You HAVE to look into the deviantart body part drawing tutorials, I want to see you draw more! 😀

    example: here's one just for feet

    • Mary, Mary. I like your name :). Thank you so much. I don’t think I am that cool at drawing but I do try my best to excel at this. lol…

      Yes I will try the body part. Thanks fer passing the link to me. The pictures at your blog are pretty awesome.

  6. chalo. aik apple to banana ata nahin hai yeh sab kese kiya hoga 😛 this is such main cool buddy

  7. the last character u ruined is naruto innit ?
    oww seee there is also a hidden nalaik in u, getting kicked out from a painting institute , im now feelin proud of u , 1st One piece, now Nalaikness thing common , time to celebrate Yeyyy 😛
    btw 1st painting is similar to the girl which has the crush on saskue, in naruto, and its awesome .


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