My Perfect little stroll in the morning :s

by Khanum

5:30 am in the morning. I step out of my room stretching –  it’s time for a morning stroll.  The fajr prayer is long being prayed , sleep is no where near my eyes. A walk seemed like a pretty good idea.

Gladly I walk by the rooms. I can hear some bears snoring in the background. That, of course, is my Uncle from the zoo.  I’m in the middle of the way, not quite there in the pretty little courytard that I begin to plan what I’m going to do in the next few minutes.

“This and this and that…and that too. And Oh I have to oil my Rapunzel hair first”, A train of thoughts start running my brain. But By the moment I’m there, I’m already changing my mind to run back to my room and grab the bloody camera.

I stood in the little lawn mesmerized by the serenity of the scene. Cool breeze, grey sky, the birds chirping in the background. The Tip-Tip the tap-tap music of the water playing in proximity. Probably some tap leakage. .But  oh Boy! What an awesome Morning!

Habitually I looked up at the sky to search fr the white ball of Moon. Thanks to the Heavens, it was there. Dim , covered under the blanket of grey clouds but it was there. It looked like someone had taken a half bite out of it.  But it looked perfect enough to shoot. I quickly realized,   the idea of oiling my hair at this hour was utterly ridiculous . The absurdity of it! I ran back to my room immediately  only to find my camera out of battery.

The desperation of the hour, how can I ever explain it? It seemed like as if I looked for the food and not for the new battery.I ran frantically from point A to point B in my small square room – only to reach point C for nothing. The hilarity , I could not even  find the battery charger.

I glanced at the clock. It lolled 5:40 at me. O teri! I slipped here and there again.It could not get any more worse, I just knew.


I find the charger atlast. Finally give 2 minutes life to the battery. Put on a big smile , yay-ing and cheering all the way  back to the courtyard, hoping to do awesome moon photography.

But I find nothing there , except a pair of birds, apparently smooching.

Long gone the moon, long gone the winds. I finally decide to oil my hair. What a perfect little stroll in the morning!


7 Responses to “My Perfect little stroll in the morning :s”

  1. You invaded those poor birds’ privacy! Lekin acha kiya coz we also get to see them. Aur haan, what oil do you use for your hair? Zara main bhi to oiling start karoun.

    PS: You were naughty to call your uncle a bear.

    • Haha.. Yes I invaded their privacy. I was jealous. they could fly and do that thing even in the air. And Oh abut Uncle, Well I call him Indiana Jonny pyar se. Bear is just a name he has given him himself. Lol

      About the oil. It depends on the hair I believe. In winters my mother use Parachute naryaal ka oil fr my hair. In summers, Sarson ka oil is the best. I have long hair so putting more oil and keeping for a whole day is a must. Your hairs shine the best then. I heard log Tilon ka tail bhi istemal kerte hain balon pe? which one do u use?

  2. LOL at the birds.
    I’m not a morning person at all!!
    I don’t know how people can wake up so early in the morning!

    • I’m a morning person when There’s no time for me to sleep at night . LOL. When the University is on, I enjoy nothing but morning strolls. Getting up for Fajr prayer automatically makes u a morning lover !

  3. Lol, I know what you mean by beautiful mornings. But my favorites are the ones where its cloudy and drizzling. They are just perfect.


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