I’m now officially one of the coolest ‘blogs’

by Khanum

Ladies  & Gentlemen I’m happy to inform you, What a  pleasant surprise I received by The World Via Standby  this evening.  A fantastic blog on Travelling and Photography. This really makes me cool, eh? The pretty owner of the blog who happens to be the wife of a pretty smart Captain woke up to get the award in the Morning. I woke up after an episode of Loadshedding in my area to recieve the award from her. And This blog is no ordinary one.  Im really thrilled and thankful to be awarded by her and cherished.

SHe says and I quote:

Khanum Says -Khanum is a talented photographer and has an excellent blog about life in Pakistan. Check out her blog!

Ok- So this is the part where I’ll hold my Trophy now and you will clap. Teehe!

P.S. This blog has some code of ethics to be followed but I ain’t gonna do that so please don’t say anything or create a scene, otherwise i’ll say bad things to you.  :$


12 Comments to “I’m now officially one of the coolest ‘blogs’”

  1. Congratulations!!! * stands up to applaud* *claps hands wildly* *whistles* *cheers* …. *screams as security drags her outside the hall*

  2. Yayy to Pervisha!! *clap clap clap*

  3. Yay Pervisha!!!!! I’m standing and clapping!!!!!! Woohoo my friend!!!!!!!

  4. Ab to double party banti hai.

  5. Congrats dear Khanum…..I must say you deserve every bit of the award….:) Have loads to catch up on ur blog 🙂

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