Table for 2 . Very Traditional

by Khanum

 Today ,  the boss of the kitchen (yes my mother) decided to go on cooking- strike, evi main. ‘I have just cooked khichri and all of you better eat that’. She announced. All the non protesting members of family eventually gave in except two. It was me and my Cat.  That announcement was a death for us both. We are generally the strangest creatures at home. ‘Meat eaters’ is what my ammi jaan labels us. We eat in contrast but always together. For instance when  I eat the egg white, she eats the egg yolk. Anyway,

Back to the kitchen.

Desperate times call for desperate  errr … I mean Khanum’s measures. It was once again time to item up and step into the cutlery war zone.

I had one red capsicum, 1 green capsicum, 1 cup yogurt, 1, 1 something something , and only 4 pieces of  chicken. I could cook enough for two. For Me & my cat (my cat doesn’t eat uncooked meat neither overcooked meat, please note).

So this is what I came up with. The roti I had to ask from tandoor, ofcourse. I am after all khanum not some tandoor wali.  I cooked chicken with friend capsicum on top. I had no idea how to cook something good and something that can be blogged about  with just 4 pieces of chicken. I did alot of abra cadabra to turn the flavors wow and I’m glad it turned out ala ka scram. The only spices I used was dried coriander,  salt and red chilli powder. For lassi , a drink which the people of Turkey call as  Ayran , I used simply yogurt and water. (my Pakistani chums already know this of course).

So there it goes. Another story of my life from Pakistan. . Hope you enjoy the pictures.

P.S. Please excuse the quality of the pictures today. My professional photography camera developed some incurable error at the last minute. So I had to use another camera. Not a beauty at all.

P.S.S. Due to undesirable circumstances, my cat did not join me for the lunch. By the time I was frying the chicken, my cat was on the verge of committing suicide. So I had to give her some milk to drink and be contended with that.

P.S.S. Because I made only one glass of lassi, I shared it with others. 


9 Comments to “Table for 2 . Very Traditional”

  1. First of all, I love the presentation of your food; it looks so desi and Punjabi! Reminds me of lush green fields of corn and wheat, fat cows, and eating lunch under a mango tree.

    Your creativity in the kitchen show up once again! Shabaash. I’m so proud of you *wipes away a tear*

    PS: I think every mom goes on cooking strike once in a while 🙂

    PPS: “I am after all khanum not some tandoor wali.” Haha

    • Dear Nadia, You are acting like my mother now. Getting emotional and all. (giving you a hug and saying ‘hosla mama hosla’) 😛

      Thanks alot for the praises. Elhamdulillah. it turned out well. Abut the presentation, Oh yeah! Once I set the mahol for the shoot, I was jumping myself! what a nice punjabi touch it was. Thanks to the collection of bartanz 😛 my family have. The only thing I missed the most was my original camera.
      P.S. I have a mango tree at home. If u ever come to my home, u’re welcome to have some.

  2. Yumm yumm yumm, I want to steal all of that right NOW.

  3. Yummy…Can I be a guest at your place for lunch or dinner someday? And great that you have shared the recipe …I am gonna try and experiment it with my hubby…:)

  4. Ye giant glass kahan rakhey hain ghar pe ? Muje kyoon nahin lassi di kabhi is main :@

  5. Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

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