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October 27, 2011

Student Fair at Lahore College For Women University 2011

by Khanum

Today , LCWU welcomed its students with very warm and seriously warm  hug! Hundreds and hundreds of students attended Student Fair with great fervour and zeal. Almost every department had its own separate stall. It was really a huge crowd and I wasn’t expecting it at all – but photographing certain moments and things was really fun… :s

It was quite – GIRLY :s

ANyways ! Enjoy the photographs.

October 26, 2011

Student Fight Inside Lahore College For Women University.

by Khanum
The riot happened around 10:30. I was not present on the crime scene at the right time. Whatever information I could collect, Here it is.
It was a fight between a gang and a single person. 5 girls against 1. The gang gave a pretty nasty beat to the girl which resulted in a huge fight. The victim then called on her two mighty giant brothers. Who in return attacked the gang of 5 in a very brutal manner. According to the witnesses, the brother of the victim reached scene , hit one of the girls from the gang with a helmet in self defense – which resulted in extreme bloodbath . 
The Protocol and Discipline in-charge, Dr. Surraiya  was soon informed about this fight and reached the crime scene in minutes. However , it is reported that she was also injured by the Brother with the same helmet mistakenly. 
The police reached – late as usual. I don’t know what happened next. I am sighing as I missed this horrific sight. After going through this news again, My concern is: Is my University a safe place now ?
Good News: Tomorrow LCWU will hold a Student Fair.  Entry Ticket is Rs. 10. Timings : 10am to 2pm. 
October 25, 2011

How to : How to Be !

by Khanum

I googled ‘Happiness’  in search of happiness. It gave a number of good ‘salt-on-wounds’ quotations. After 2 minutes scrolling,  I found a trail of it somehow which led me to another and How I landed cleaning up my own room is today’s story for the blog !

How to find happiness. How to find Peace. And How to find that balanced medium where you are neither  fooled by anyone nor wronged. Most of all, where you are at peace with your own-self  and treatment of your surroundings.

1st  Step : The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. (Mark Twain)

It does not include , Crying , Wailing , Accusing , Creating a scene or worst of all Taking Revenge. Just hush up – Do sabr , and try to fight the sadness and evil bubbling inside your heart or gifted by others with good, good and nothing more than good.  However,The questions is, how you make others happy? Say Hello to:

2nd Step: 32 Ways To Make Someone Happy Today (by ZenHabits)

You pretty much forget your sorrows and  dedicate your life to social work. I like this idea. It keeps u busy all day that in the end you’re too tired to think about your problems. You ignore you pretend everything is okay.

About the tips by zen, I agree with most of the tips given here, BUt most of them are not applicable if your energy levels at heart are not upto it due to the sad context of your present state. For instance , the very first one.


My question is , How ?  Smiling is easy indeed but not when you’re feeling the opposite of it.  You can try faking it. And that’s not a smile. That’s ‘bullshitting’ oneself.

Now being a Muslim, it’ commonly known that we’re to recite alot of Quran and make dua and such. Personally , I do this too. Either worries of the study, friends issues or anything else, I start praying alot. Its like the prayer rug is your whole universe. You don’t want to get up from sitting in front of Allah and turn to the world which is nothing but remorse. This practice , alot of praying and putting your trust in Allah’s merciful Hands does miracles. You do actually feel better with the passage of time.

But they say, Being wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it. So even though you may heal up for the time being. If you continue to remember the wrong u did to someone or the wrong someone did to you – you’re back to the beginning of pathetic topia.

The googling didn’t work out for me much. I had plans for some social work but by the time those plans are turned into actions, I may be dead or over it. Who knows?

I shut the laptop down and cast a look at my room. And I knew What I had to do. I decided to re-arrange my things – clean up every mess and have a new room to begin with !!! This sure brought my mother alot of happiness.

The point is , The problems will always be there in your life. What matters is how to respond. If they never gona leave your side, you might just as well be friends with them. They will break you from with in trust me on that – but Listen! What matters is your reply. Just tell them , ‘ HEy! You might break me but you can’t break my Trust in Allah!! Show me what you’ve got!! Bring it On!’

Now back to the room. There lay a brush somewhere in the drawer …the men use for shaving foam. I have no idea how it made its way to my room. I picked it up and began to dust my study table.

I wasn’t feeling good upto this time but atleast I was busy in something. I cleaned those corners of my room which I had never seen before.  Found things in the utterly attic like drawers which I had lost long long ago.

I moved the study table aside and crept in the back to seriously clean. A big giant spider stared at me.

‘WHat are you doing here, Khanum ?’ It asked.. It bloody asked.

‘Just trying to clean…my room.”

‘I bloody live here Khanum.  You just come and go..’ And it was right.

It was right.  It really was right. I suddenly realised, this room was just a room for me , but for this creature , it was his whole world. Could I crush it to find myself the satisfaction of having a cleaned room ?

I immediately let that spider go and his web. It still is staring me from the corner of my study table I’m sure. My room is still a mess.

I haven’t found that feeling which would set me free. But atleast I have made that spider happy.

I don’t know what I’ll do next to find happiness that wouldn’t ask for a sacrifice in return.

Perhaps , try jumping from some building. Just for the rush you know ! If I succeed, you might get good snapshots.


October 23, 2011

Die on the throne or die in the streets, no discrimination necessary

by Khanum

I was writing up a different post for the blog today few minutes ago – when I heard about this new disaster in Muslim world.  I cannot help but wonder why there are so many lives lost suddenly. First goes the Qaddafi , some are happy some are upset.

Then went the Saudi Crowned Prince Abdul Aziz, yesterday. And today, two more news add up to the situation. Nusrat Bhutto the mother of Benazir Bhutto passed away as well – and world sees an utterly strong earthquake in Turkey.

I just have one line for them as Hisham Al Hadi said , ” Die on the throne or die in the streets, no discrimination necessary.”.

Please remember your Muslim brothers and sisters in prayers. I have many friends in Turkey as I spent a pretty good summer there. They are splendid people. I have confirmed about my loved ones, they are safe and sound but still the constant fear is there . . . there are many who lost their lives and we cannot reach them at all.  may Allah help us all. Ameen.

Click here  for the news on earthquake .


October 18, 2011

Murder Outside Kinnaird College.

by Khanum

Today around 2:30 PM ,  my Professor receives  a text message ‘There has been a murder at ‘Kinnaird College’.  He read it aloud as we were sitting in the conference room attending our class for Information Managing subject.

30 minutes later after the class – I see the world in utter chaos. The one side road appeared to be fully jammed – no car could move even an inch. The girls whispered at the University gate  about the incident at the college next door in utter confusion and disbelief. So far the rumour was , A boy opened fire on a girl and then killed himself with the same weapon.

By this time – I was frantically looking for a way to go over the crime scene and see it for myself. There is really no shame in collecting information and taking shots of the scene for a Mass Media Student – that too for her blog.  I asked my friend Maria who goes with me to the same University and we usually take the same auto vehicle for home – to inquire about her sister Zoya that happens to study at the same  Kinnaird College.

My plan was to pick her up from there and also come closer to the actual incident. This could be something brave. But unfortunately we are forced to stay where we are by the non sense traffic jam.

‘Let’s walk on foot and pick her up” I suggested to my friend. But it was a bit far by walk and it didn’t tempt my friend. We decide to take our auto home.

3:30 PM. We are now even more depressed than ever. No auto was to be found or could be  fetched in any case – it was definite. From one end of the Giant Bridge to the other – we walked endlessly in hope of reaching home safe and sound. The traffic crowd was getting louder by now. I had heard 2 more rumors till now.  The person said, It was the girl who pulled the trigger  first and ended the guy’s life and then her own.  But according to the third report,  There was no girl involved.  The duel was simply  between two guys that too upon a Women College Bridge.

Quarter to 4, Thankfully –  I manage to stop an auto at last and beg him to transport us to our homes as soon as possible. My friend’s sister Zoya had no other choice but to wait behind the closed gate of her College and wait for her College Bus to pick her up till 5 PM.

In minutes , we were out of the chaotic world. Zoya texted her sister again , this time confirming the rumour.

“It was a guy who killed the girl and then committed suicide right at the spot.”, said witnesses.


Disbelief, panic and utter confusion is what everyone is facing at this moment. The story is straight and  I won’t say simple because it’s horrible.

According to Media reports : The victim (girl) was 18 years of age. She was killed outside the College on the College Bridge by a Young man who wished her hand for marriage. But upon constant denial by the girl as well as her family , the guy lost his temper and shot the 18 year old. Few seconds later , he pulled the trigger and kissed his life goodbye as well.

I have no personal comments to make ,  Except to mention the scene I witnessed on jailroad and upon the Bridge that connects with my University too.

While the world ran mad with the news of the murder , a young couple  stood calm and quite holding hands upon the bridge , talking , hugging , worst of all , viewing the traffic jam as if they were standing upon Eifel  Tower.

Few more paces away from that place , I witness another crime scene. 1 girl, hardly 20 , busy with 4 guys in a fully jammed car. You’re smart, do the math!

If they don’t put a ban upon this madness outside colleges, there would be a teenage murder each year , each month , or perhaps each day out of frustration by the same teenage Juliet in distress or depressed Romeo with a gun.

October 12, 2011

My Teachers talk to me about Marriage during Class on Research.

by Khanum

Who discusses Damon and Allena from vampire Diaries in their class of  —- International Communication? – My mate sitting next to me. Hira.

And who discusses Marriage on Orientation Day in the conference room (again ) ? Hira and Me!? No. it wasn’t us this time. It were our Teachers.

Let me elaborate this new style of Mphil madness here.

First Day for University . I break  all the 5 mandatory  oaths I had taken earlier.

To begin with I got late. Secondly, I never bothered to dress up properly! Leave alone the ‘normal girl make up’ thing. Thirdly – I pretty much IGNORED the whole orientation class. Why must they torture us with introductions ? It’s not like we’re gonna disappear from Mphil the next day. 😮

4th – I pretty much kill the whole point of being an obedient student when I arrive late, obviously. And Lastly – I couldn’t resist the junk food from the canteen. thank you very much. Now lets move on to our 2nd day.

What I studied Today At my University. 

1- In ‘International Communication’ Class: 

– What is your Name?

– Why Mphil ?

– Why not Marriage?

– Then , Why Marriage ?

– But, what is Marriage ?

– Types of Marriage!

– Reasons why Marriages fail !

– Should the couple live seperate after marriage or with the whole household of Relatives?

– Career or Marriage?

– But why career and not Marriage?

– Ok – Marriage! Hmm! But why not career then?! :S

– And Finally, Men are pigs!

2In ‘Approaches to Communication Studies’ Class

Something something something …Marriage…something something something then again Marriage …something something something and again…U know what.. 🙂

3- In ‘Managing Information’ Class

Something something something errrrrrrr!  I have nothing to make fun of this lecture. We Actually studied during this one. Phew!! Many thanks to the Creator! And the Male professor!

So that’s what I did today. We discussed lots of aspect of Marriage. I think, The teacher did mention a homework on it’s points rather. Hmmm…yeah m sure. She asked to write something.

5 Annoying Reasons – How Partners in Marriage Fail  & disappoint Eachother!

1- They refuse to like eachother

2- Less/No communication

3- Misunderstandings created by most of the times by in laws.

4- Some of them mourn the loss of their ‘single lifestyle routine’.

5- The unnecessary connections (keyword: Unnecessary) with opposite gender. (This does lead u to many dark holes in Marriage, especially Muslim Marriages. It makes your partner feel left out and makes him/her only the object of physical satisfaction) Very bad!

I just pray that tomorrow we don’t get to discuss the divorce theory! I will certainly die then you know :S  …Ah! The things we Research Students have to go through!!!

October 11, 2011

When it hurts , it hurts! When it stops, it’s a blessing!

by Khanum

I am thinking about the guy who is sitting, somewhere on the dirt. His one hand holding the poisonous needle, ready to insert it into his system. I see him struggling, as his hand trembles.  No matter how hard his mind is telling him to do it just go for it and end this aching pain. His heart is telling him the otherwise.

I’m thinking about him.  Alone. Lost and completey unaware that someone’s watching over him.

I’m remicinsing about the girl I see everyday on Facebook.  She’s wails on her wall everyday. Each day with the heightened ache. Sometimes her picture says Where are you? You left me….sometimes its nothing but a woman cutting her wrists.

I think about her. Shattered, betrayed, lost  and completely unaware that someone’s watching over her.

How far we are from reaching the truth sometimes i wonder and how naive we are. There are wrong ways wrong  things we know will hurt us if we go on with them but we don’t stop. We dwell more into darkness.

The guy who is addicted to drugs and knows this sweet addiction just kills him , destroys him bit by bit each day , can’t find the courage to let it go…

The girl who is left alone by her lover knows she has been played, waiting after him wouldn’t fix her heart the whole , but can’t find the strength to move on… I see everyone and I see it everyday. I feel the hurt as my own I feel it strong , scaring me as I grow old with my own problems in life but you know what’s more scarier and troublesome ? The thought that I can’t find the way to help them all.

What can anyone do for anyone ? What can we possibly do when we ourselves are fighting our wars each day from dawn till dusk.  Maybe someone’s watching over us too? Someone who is free from all these infliction…free of all the biased behavior. Someone who doesn’t charge 100$ an hour to listen to our problems. Someone who doesn’t hang up the phone when we stop just in the middle of our sentence , thinking how to go on. Someone who is constanly just there somehow , not pretending  not playing not even  afraid to be seen with us.

Someone who is always , and always watching over me…

That Someone I know as …God. I promise him each day I’ll be good this time. he fixes everything up and I find myself making another mistake. Could it be my human nature? i don’t know.

He helps me forgive my own errors, then he helps me forgive others. And now I know, the least I can do for Him in return  and His other beloved ones is that – I can take care of my own Heart from getting hurt, my tongue from hurting others and my own conscious from failing His trust.  It’s the least we can do for the guy and the girl I mentioned. We can learn to take better care of our own actions.

The least and perhaps the most we can do for everyone is that we watch ourselves better when we can’t watch over others…   Be good. Be a good member of this world. The rest of the virtue , the rest of the blessings will automatically follow.