Letters to Their Juliet

by Khanum

I have a blessing called ‘love’ in my life Elhamdulillah- and I receive it in quite abundant amount wherever I go, whenever I speak. Some say it on face ,’how much they adore me’ while others like my mother and relatives simply show it through their hugs. But I have to admit, the love from my students  ‘league of Little Romeos’ shown through their letters simply swayed me away.

Isn’t it quite unique and rare these days to receive hand written love letters ?



This last letter was written by my cousin brother when he was about 8 I guess. I so adore him still for writing this. He may not remember this letter by now – but its one of the best things in the world that makes my heart go happy and many colors of emotion whenever I read it again.

The best thing about being loved by kids is, they love you  with all their hearts. They don’t hold back. They never hold back. They accept you for who you are. Forever and always.

Note: I have no intention of ever being called Juliet. She had the worse love story in the history of English literature to be very honest.


5 Comments to “Letters to Their Juliet”

  1. You are the best teacher because you take very easy test! LOL …that was pretty honest 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful letters.

    • Honestly, that one really made me laugh too. On test day, the moment I used to enter class, they will start singing, ‘Oh Ma’am how lovely you are looking. Your dress is soo nice ma’am. PLEASE DONT TAKE TEST!’ 😮 lol

  2. I love kids, you are so blessed, so very blessed. Guess what I love you too my friend!!!!!!!!!

  3. love this site – it’s a great blog – may i suggest you get an rss feed.

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