Drama on AIDS and FUN at EXPO Centre

by Khanum

I’m tired and snoring with my eyes open but I promised few people I will blog about today’s  adventures as soon as I get home.

So here it goes. Khanum finally visited the highly rumored the GREAT EXPO CENTRE –  located at Johar Town in Lahore – with her University Juniors. The reason was a play performance from my University on the subject of AIDS.  We reached there around 10:30. The play was to start at 1. So this meant we were to kill time and roam about the great  place.

this is where the fun started. The only great thing about GREAT EXPO CENTRE was  , that KHANUM was there. Seriously! ! It really was wayyyyy boring in there. The moment you step out of the vehicle You’re stunned by the great blazing sun heat ,  the big forehead of the building – the amazing architecture and this is where you go all Oooo and Aaaa thinking wow! What an awesome place it would be.

Instead. It really is  first degree murder of  your fantasy once you pass the security check.

There are stalls  (very boring and educational  I must stress again) . Some cosmetics , some medical ones. I really didn’t bother much to even stop at one .


Where is the Food  in EXPO centre? This was my most basic question and quest immediately after reaching there.

“Oh look! There’s one cafeteria on the 2nd floor!” someone from my gang informed me as soon as she spotted one.  So obviously, I wasn’t the only one starving there.

Happily, we raced up to the second floor.

“So…what are we buying?” I asked my juniors.

“Umm… it depends on our appetite..”

One look at the menu and she looked back at me again. “Ok maybe now it depends on our pockets”.

All of us weighed our purses in an instant. ‘I have hundred,,”..”Ok- i have got 2! ” ..”Oh shoot! I forgot my purse.” …”Uh I haven’t got much either” ..

“Ok- shut up! we don’t know you two .”


I am going to give u a million dollar advice now.  ” The cafeteria prices suck.” Please note.

If you’re planning to go to this centre in hopes of finding good food at reasonable prices. Nah han! Just undo your thoughts and pack  a big bag of snacks to nibble on later inside the centre. (unless you’re nawab ke bachey and can afford the ridiculously expensive food)

One small cup of tea that didn’t even wet my “peeche wale teeth :@” cost me Rs. 30. And to rub more salt to our hungry stomach, they didn’t even serve us properly heated Patice.  I felt I’m at the Fraud Airport cafeteria again.

What kind of cafeteria Manager they were having I don’t know.  – I really needed to kill him.

Now The Fun Things:

Don’t despair yet. You can still get a good picture with Pisa tower and Enjoy the traditional “Dhol dhabaka dance”  if you just make the effort to explore the centre further.

They have placed two such items at the corner of the middle gate. One with the lady and the man holding each other’s hands and second was this one. We were headed towards the Convention Hall when we actually noticed this.  We took alottt of pictures with our head sticking out of the big board. It really was fun , but no one really took any pictures until we started.

I swear , even the people roaming there were way too boring !

Move ahead ! On your way to the convention hall, you’ll find clean and simply clean roads that would give u a feeling you’re walking on motorway and then very strange – lots of lots of men dressed in shimmering yellow and red dresses dancing like mad.


Hats off to these people! They entertain the visitors endlessly. They never get tired dancing in extreme heat and that too wearing those thick fabric dresses. I was really moved when one of those asked me to take his picture. And then he even made sure that I took it right. “Did I look good? Are you sure? Please show me” 😦


The Drama :

It finally began around 2pm. We survived till now only in hope of the much awaited  ‘Refreshment’ …….that sadly never happened. 😦

20 Minutes play. Well done! Pack up! And off to home.

It’s 10pm now. I am still asking myself , Mai wahan subha subha neend kharab ker ke  lene kiya gai thi ?


2 Comments to “Drama on AIDS and FUN at EXPO Centre”

  1. This is over-the-top strange now. I just attended an expo today and am currently uploading the pictures! Too bad my experience isn’t as exciting as yours :p

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