by Khanum

So finally my Mphil starts!  One year break from studies really helped me alot to cherish University life and the professors.

And for the sake of  spending yet 2 more beautiful years (again) with the same University and professors and Research craps, I have made a list of oaths  that I must take.

The Mandatory Oaths

1- I promise I will try to be on time for morning lectures. (keywords: will TRY)

2- I promise myself I will not throw my beauty in the hardwork and be one of those girls who look at their juniors and gasp!!!  ‘Oh shit! How come they still have time for make up while I don’t even have time to wash my face??!’ :-S

3- I promise I will prepare for exams beforehand this time 😦 not actually on the exam day or a night before.

4- I promise to be an obedient student  (Time to time)

5- And finally – Won’t take NO JUNK FOOD from the canteen!


Thank you very much!




7 Responses to “UNIVERSITY Rocks!”

  1. Good luck with your oaths. They’re tough!

  2. Acchha iraada hai. Main har saal kuch is tarah ki baatein plan karta hoon. bachpan se. Aajtak kaamyaabi nahi mili

  3. Oh those are some good oaths. You only took a year off? I took several, and changed majors. Work experience is really helpful when going for your graduate degree. I’m considering my doctorate. What can I say, I love learning.


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