When it hurts , it hurts! When it stops, it’s a blessing!

by Khanum

I am thinking about the guy who is sitting, somewhere on the dirt. His one hand holding the poisonous needle, ready to insert it into his system. I see him struggling, as his hand trembles.  No matter how hard his mind is telling him to do it just go for it and end this aching pain. His heart is telling him the otherwise.

I’m thinking about him.  Alone. Lost and completey unaware that someone’s watching over him.

I’m remicinsing about the girl I see everyday on Facebook.  She’s wails on her wall everyday. Each day with the heightened ache. Sometimes her picture says Where are you? You left me….sometimes its nothing but a woman cutting her wrists.

I think about her. Shattered, betrayed, lost  and completely unaware that someone’s watching over her.

How far we are from reaching the truth sometimes i wonder and how naive we are. There are wrong ways wrong  things we know will hurt us if we go on with them but we don’t stop. We dwell more into darkness.

The guy who is addicted to drugs and knows this sweet addiction just kills him , destroys him bit by bit each day , can’t find the courage to let it go…

The girl who is left alone by her lover knows she has been played, waiting after him wouldn’t fix her heart the whole , but can’t find the strength to move on… I see everyone and I see it everyday. I feel the hurt as my own I feel it strong , scaring me as I grow old with my own problems in life but you know what’s more scarier and troublesome ? The thought that I can’t find the way to help them all.

What can anyone do for anyone ? What can we possibly do when we ourselves are fighting our wars each day from dawn till dusk.  Maybe someone’s watching over us too? Someone who is free from all these infliction…free of all the biased behavior. Someone who doesn’t charge 100$ an hour to listen to our problems. Someone who doesn’t hang up the phone when we stop just in the middle of our sentence , thinking how to go on. Someone who is constanly just there somehow , not pretending  not playing not even  afraid to be seen with us.

Someone who is always , and always watching over me…

That Someone I know as …God. I promise him each day I’ll be good this time. he fixes everything up and I find myself making another mistake. Could it be my human nature? i don’t know.

He helps me forgive my own errors, then he helps me forgive others. And now I know, the least I can do for Him in return  and His other beloved ones is that – I can take care of my own Heart from getting hurt, my tongue from hurting others and my own conscious from failing His trust.  It’s the least we can do for the guy and the girl I mentioned. We can learn to take better care of our own actions.

The least and perhaps the most we can do for everyone is that we watch ourselves better when we can’t watch over others…   Be good. Be a good member of this world. The rest of the virtue , the rest of the blessings will automatically follow.


8 Comments to “When it hurts , it hurts! When it stops, it’s a blessing!”

  1. Beautiful post, Pervisha. A very serious but important aspect of our lives. As adults, we are all responsible for our own actions and will be held accountable for it when we are brought before Him. Life is a constant jihad against our own nafs.

  2. When someone has a problem they have to want to solve it. It sounds weird, but people sometimes enjoy their misery, till they hit the bottom. And then want to change.

    I also feel for God who must watch us hurt ourselves, I wouldn’t be able to stand it, I wonder how God does it. I actually wonder a lot. But that’s why God is God, and there is none other than the one.

  3. This is such a touching post…..so true so many times you feel so helpless seeing others suffering and in pain….I know of this small village where some teachers went to teach and children were not regular…So then the teacher asked those children why dint they come yesterday..they said the nite before last, there was nothing to eat at home and cud not sleep coz of hunger and slept the next morning…appalling isn’t it? I mean country keeps progressing, but still thousands of people die coz of hunger and poverty….Sometimes I ask God, if he loves each n every human being so much , why do some people suffer for eternity and some rejoice at their cost?

    • Someone was passing by a road, he saw a beggar. The man could not bear to look at his condition and Asked God, why? Why make him to beg? What have you done to make him come out of this trouble ?
      The God Replied, I have made YOU. Why don’t you help him ?

  4. Such a touching post. And its the bitter truth, people are so astray that they don’t even think its wrong. May Allah guide all of us on the right path. Ameen.
    Seriously everything becomes so crystal clear when you are aware of the fact that Allah is watching over you and forgiving you and giving you glad tidings in return and little are we grateful! Alhamdulilah ala kulli haal!

    P.S- I loveeeee loooveee your blog, every time I read your articles I either end up LOL-ing or thinking deeply! May Allah bless you, Pervisha.
    P.P.S- waise what’s the meaning of your name?

    • I absolutely agree with you. Faith and strong faith never lets you fall . : )
      P.S . I love my blog too. lol : ) Shukraan for the praises. Alhamdulillah.
      P.P.S. Pervisha means, Suraj ki pehli Kiran. First ray of the sun

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