My Teachers talk to me about Marriage during Class on Research.

by Khanum

Who discusses Damon and Allena from vampire Diaries in their class of  —- International Communication? – My mate sitting next to me. Hira.

And who discusses Marriage on Orientation Day in the conference room (again ) ? Hira and Me!? No. it wasn’t us this time. It were our Teachers.

Let me elaborate this new style of Mphil madness here.

First Day for University . I break  all the 5 mandatory  oaths I had taken earlier.

To begin with I got late. Secondly, I never bothered to dress up properly! Leave alone the ‘normal girl make up’ thing. Thirdly – I pretty much IGNORED the whole orientation class. Why must they torture us with introductions ? It’s not like we’re gonna disappear from Mphil the next day. 😮

4th – I pretty much kill the whole point of being an obedient student when I arrive late, obviously. And Lastly – I couldn’t resist the junk food from the canteen. thank you very much. Now lets move on to our 2nd day.

What I studied Today At my University. 

1- In ‘International Communication’ Class: 

– What is your Name?

– Why Mphil ?

– Why not Marriage?

– Then , Why Marriage ?

– But, what is Marriage ?

– Types of Marriage!

– Reasons why Marriages fail !

– Should the couple live seperate after marriage or with the whole household of Relatives?

– Career or Marriage?

– But why career and not Marriage?

– Ok – Marriage! Hmm! But why not career then?! :S

– And Finally, Men are pigs!

2In ‘Approaches to Communication Studies’ Class

Something something something …Marriage…something something something then again Marriage …something something something and again…U know what.. 🙂

3- In ‘Managing Information’ Class

Something something something errrrrrrr!  I have nothing to make fun of this lecture. We Actually studied during this one. Phew!! Many thanks to the Creator! And the Male professor!

So that’s what I did today. We discussed lots of aspect of Marriage. I think, The teacher did mention a homework on it’s points rather. Hmmm…yeah m sure. She asked to write something.

5 Annoying Reasons – How Partners in Marriage Fail  & disappoint Eachother!

1- They refuse to like eachother

2- Less/No communication

3- Misunderstandings created by most of the times by in laws.

4- Some of them mourn the loss of their ‘single lifestyle routine’.

5- The unnecessary connections (keyword: Unnecessary) with opposite gender. (This does lead u to many dark holes in Marriage, especially Muslim Marriages. It makes your partner feel left out and makes him/her only the object of physical satisfaction) Very bad!

I just pray that tomorrow we don’t get to discuss the divorce theory! I will certainly die then you know :S  …Ah! The things we Research Students have to go through!!!


15 Comments to “My Teachers talk to me about Marriage during Class on Research.”

  1. Sounds like your teachers are preparing the students well for the world outside 🙂

  2. Haha, you killed your oath before the end of the first day.

    I don’t get the marriage thing either. Weird.

  3. hahahahahaa….Well well my dear…u have a lot of inhibitions when it comes to marriage is it? Trust me I was so S**T scared of weddings and wanted to just run away every time my mom wud bring up the topic…But now that I have found my Mr. (he is indeed a sweet chap…don’t know for how long he will be :P) I think marriage isn’t that bad….I mean it does come with its share of fights, ups and downs, but then I guess every relationship, whether it is mom-daughter, siblings, friends etc have these phases….but what keeps any relationship strong is the undying faith in the other person and love 🙂

    And I loved the post 🙂

    • You kant imagine my inhibitions !!!! I have hardly seen a successful marriage in my family n lets just admit – MEn r big time losers these days !!! They don’t know even the M of Marriage !!!


      Thanks for loving this post. Ull find more of such mania in cuming days. This Mphil is really something strange. I just came to know there’s a ghost in my department.

  4. My teachers talk about marriage too, and I’m just in school :O

    • Marriage is force – and you can’t fight certain forces away from your life. It’s a force that pulls two people together indeed. But What the heck! Who discusses it in such an important class of Mphil ?:@ …this is really beyond me.

  5. Uh what are you majoring in?

  6. wow! Marriage, what a topic for class 🙂 Its very ironic but I usually find the rest of the college year better when I am late for the first day. so no worries. its just the first day 🙂 Enjoy the rest! 🙂

  7. Hahaha you are hilarious Pervisha. I hope you have fun in your course nevertheless!

  8. Lol m just in my bsc -.- 😛 Computational physics major

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