Student Fight Inside Lahore College For Women University.

by Khanum

The riot happened around 10:30. I was not present on the crime scene at the right time. Whatever information I could collect, Here it is.
It was a fight between a gang and a single person. 5 girls against 1. The gang gave a pretty nasty beat to the girl which resulted in a huge fight. The victim then called on her two mighty giant brothers. Who in return attacked the gang of 5 in a very brutal manner. According to the witnesses, the brother of the victim reached scene , hit one of the girls from the gang with a helmet in self defense – which resulted in extreme bloodbath . 
The Protocol and Discipline in-charge, Dr. Surraiya  was soon informed about this fight and reached the crime scene in minutes. However , it is reported that she was also injured by the Brother with the same helmet mistakenly. 
The police reached – late as usual. I don’t know what happened next. I am sighing as I missed this horrific sight. After going through this news again, My concern is: Is my University a safe place now ?
Good News: Tomorrow LCWU will hold a Student Fair.  Entry Ticket is Rs. 10. Timings : 10am to 2pm. 

16 Comments to “Student Fight Inside Lahore College For Women University.”

  1. LOL @ the student fair announcement right after the brutal news 😉

    You weren’t at the crime scene, I’ll forgive you. Lekin be there to cover the student fair 🙂

  2. Lol, is there any chance of concession in the entry tickets?:P

  3. God it is scary ……What are people upto?

  4. oWWW DAMN, YOU SAW THE cat fight and u took no footage of it ? are u cursed ? 😥
    how can u took no snaps of a cat fight , how can u ? 😥

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