Student Fair at Lahore College For Women University 2011

by Khanum

Today , LCWU welcomed its students with very warm and seriously warm  hug! Hundreds and hundreds of students attended Student Fair with great fervour and zeal. Almost every department had its own separate stall. It was really a huge crowd and I wasn’t expecting it at all – but photographing certain moments and things was really fun… :s

It was quite – GIRLY :s

ANyways ! Enjoy the photographs.


11 Comments to “Student Fair at Lahore College For Women University 2011”

  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs, Pervisha. You did a great job! Did you buy anything at the Fair? The mehendi designs look exquisite!

    • Thank you Nadia. I did want to buy a very fancy eye mask, but I didn’t appreciate the quality so refrained from wasting money. Other than that – I wanted to have henna done on my hands but for the sake of photography , I had to ignore that wish of mine. Moreover, when I reached with my friend to the fair. EVERY GOOD FOOD was already finished.

      It’s a miracle I am still able to praise the fair via photographs on blog. I really got up in the morning for you my friend, You were on my mind :S

  2. beautiful photography dear!

  3. hi n assalam o alaikum
    nice pics n nice job done by pervisha….
    but y only menhde pics only ….i read ur blog yesterday about fighting in lcwu .fighting n fun fair r two different things thats y i didnot post any comments on fighting…. n hope u too will enhance positive things in ur blogs .
    thanks n bye

    • Walaikum Salam Mr. Tariq Saeed. Elhamdulillah and thank you for visiting my blog yet again.
      Good things bad things, all are part of this life. I try to blog about everything I can. Insha Allah , I will make it better. ; ) Hope to see u again .

  4. Fantastic 🙂 Love the Mehendi pics…I love wearing mehendi and am always fascinated by the designs 🙂 I hope you had lot of fun at the fest 🙂

    • I had no fun, frankly speaking. I just took my shots, had a good conversation with my teachers in radio station who were covering the event live, and then back to home. I just went for pictures, honestly.
      Although i wish I could have henna done on my hands. I love henna too.

  5. mashaAllah what an awesome blog you have sis….just stumbled upon it and I’m already in love with your style of writing..and beautiful henna pics I must say!! 🙂 🙂

    • Shuker Elhamdulillah Nasmina 🙂 welcome to my cyber dominion and pls do visit again ! I visited ur blog just now and it’s too good. I might adopt the theme for a change. Cheers ! : )

      • jazakallah khair sis for dropping by and for your lovely comment..and yeah sure sure..feel free to adopt the theme…and I’m “following” your blog so will be there each time u post something inshaAllah 🙂 Fee amanillah! 🙂

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