A Different Kind of Love Story – By Faraz Omer

by Khanum

The exceptional characteristics some people display are quite dumbfounding really, particularly when you put yourself in their shoes. This story published in today’s Saudi Gazette is one such.Unfortunately, the Gazette didn’t publish it online, but one can find it in the Feb. 18 print edition on Page 3. Let me type the story up for you:

JEDDAH — The love between an Islamic preacher with special needs and a Holy Qur’an teacher has turned into marriage.

The touching story began when Abdullah Banimah, who is completely paralyzed appeared on a satellite television program talking about spreading the message of Islam in several countries in the world.

When his future wife saw the program she immediately told her father about her desire to marry him because she admired him for courageously facing up to his disability and for dedicating his life to Islamic preaching.

Their dream turned true Tuesday when their friends queued along the road leading to the Al-Salam Wedding Hall in Jeddah to wish the couple a happy married life.

Abdullah had almost drowned in a swimming pool at a sports club in Jeddah. He had remained underwater for 15 minutes. This caused a great deal of damage to his brain which resulted in his paralysis.The incident made him change his life completely by dedicating it to Islamic work.

Dhaiffallah bin Saad Al-Ghamadi, the bride’s father, said: “My daughter, who works as teacher for one of the Holy Qur’an memorization schools in Jeddah, chose Abdullah on her own. After insisting she wanted to get married to him, I bowed to her will.”Dhaifallah said the reason for marrying Abdullah is for them to work hand-in-hand in the way of Allah.

Omar Banamh, the groom’s father, said: “I have nothing to say but to pray to Allah to crown this marriage by blessing them with pious offspring.” He said he hoped Abdullah will see his children grow up with no disability.

Abdullah was ecstatic about his marriage.
“In the beginning I could not believe this was her desire. She really surprised me. I will never ever forget her noble stand and insistence on accepting me as her husband. I pray to Allah day and night to enable me to make her happy for the rest of my life.”
He said he will never forget, for the rest of his days, the many people who had gathered to wish him a happy marriage.”

Whew! What a story. Number of points there.

1. There do exist such people Masha Allah. The daughter, her father, her family should all be praised. Imagine yourself in that situation. Would you do that? Or would you allow your daughter to marry a crippled man? What about the extended family? She belongs to Al-Ghamdi family, which means she comes from the so-called “high society”. How difficult would it be for people to disregard social honor and societal pressure?.
This is why these people are special, masha Allah. May Allah increase their guidance and bless them with good in this life and the hereafter. These are the role models of a society. They deserve coverage in the media. People need good examples.

2. Look at the zeal they have for Islam. Look at how this man’s life changed after a tragedy. So the tragedy was the beginning really. A beginning of a journey insha Allah to achieve the eternal.

3. Despite all difficulties, if Allah wants to bless someone with something, it will come to you.Who would have thought a paralyzed man would get married in the first place? He not only got married, but got a wife who is Insha Allah better than many women.

4. Look at the noble way in which the woman approached the issue of marriage. She fell in love — a genuine liking for the man and wanted to marry him. She spoke to her father and her father approached the man’s family. This is so noble. It’s the pure path Islam has facilitated for men and women — marriage. At stark contrast is the lewd path, where men or women express their feelings to each other and fall into Haraam and illicit relationships. A slippery slope that pulls people down the pit of lust. There’s no love, purity or chastity — there’s only pain, selfishness and desires that turn human beings into animals.


25 Comments to “A Different Kind of Love Story – By Faraz Omer”

  1. imagine the amount of barakah in their lives..they married for Allah’s sake..how blessed! :’)

  2. bullshitt love does not exist in marriage my marriage sucks 😥 pls pray for me

    • Ohh what’s wrong ? May Allah help you and you marriage. ameen. And fill it with lots of love. ❤

      • things dont remain the same after marriage i thought he will b nice but he has no decent job now just small stupid one and neglects me i hate him for ruining my life marriage is tiring and boring

        • Sister Sana, : ) I don’t know what is the matter with you and your husband in detail but if ure asking for a sisterly advice, I’ll def say few things and insha Allah u’ll understand it.

          He’s your husband despite of all the ugliness there is in ur marriage right now. Prophet PBUH said , ““If I were to order anyone to prostrate to anyone else, I would have ordered women to prostrate to their husbands.” It’s a sahih hadith. Now imagine my dear sister : ) Your husband has some status.
          And as far as he being bad and not earning and ignoring u thing is concerned. Hmm… i’ll say … have you been giving him the attention u want too or ignoring? ure also ignoring na .. cos u said he has small stupid job and and ruined ur life. Imagine , imagine him hearing these words from ur behaviour day n night. Just thank Allah he has a job no matter big or small 🙂 he’s working jus to give u a good life na. so support him. Ur job is not to argue how big or small the work is ur duty is to encourage him to earn halal. that’s it : ) ..

          Just play ur role well. I am sure he’s ignoring u cos ure not happy with his efforts. May Allah give u both a good marriage. ups n downs are a part of life sweetheart, dont go hating ur hubby for tht. 🙂 Lve hima nd he’ll love you despite of all the dullness of life. Take him to Jannah with you. ❤

      • Very nice suggestion…

    • P.S. welcome to my blog : )
      do write back and lemme know how are things in ur marriage.

      • thanks for the advice i am just annoyed at my husband
        maybe i am equally responsible for it I have been avoiding him for so long too I heard that’s a sin to refuse your husband
        I just need somebody to talk to I am frustratedd beyond words I wanna make things ok for myself i wanna make this marriage work trust me but I can’t talk to anyone its a love marriage and my family will taunt me 😦
        reading this article really made me more mad and frustrated I envy happy people

    • My Dear sister in distress, : ) I humbly apologise if this article has made you upset but look at the positive side. You found two sisters who are now praying for you : ) isnt it beautiful and a sign from Allah that He is watching over you?

      I do not know what is the actual situation still , I say this cos we are responding seeing just one side of the coin. It is possible yes that fault might be of ur husband too. But what can u do about it ? 🙂 Have faith in ALlah. That’s all it takes sweetheart : ) Make ur connection strong with him first, pray regularly and with open heart as praying for such a noble cause and halal thing is absolutely a blessing my dear.

      Nasmira is right. Make ur connection with Him strong but yeah sometimes we need someone to sit with us and listen. I am always here for that. Ure free to contact me on my email. khanumsays@gmail.com.
      lastly I would add, whether its a love marriage or arranged that is not the issue : ) couples go fighting in marriage and its natural but when it gets to separation that is because they generally get away from deen and this is where satan makes his place. Satan hates marriage u know that? He could not stand adam a.s and hawwa a.s together. what makes u think he will spare you two ? : ) jus give satan defeat by turning to Allah alone. Allah will deal with satan as well as ur husband and make things better for you . Insha Allah !
      Become his good garment ,he’ll eventually become ur bestest attire and they say, the best dress for a woman are the arms of her husband.
      Look in ur heart. I am sure u have love for ur husband. Its just the situation and attitude in ur ways. : ) May Allah give you patience and peace of heart. ameen. suma ameen. May Allah turn the thorns of ur way into Roses, forgive ur sins , sins of ur husband and bless you two with such great love that whoever sees you, praises Allah Almighty for His Mercy and love.

    • P.S. pls do not refuse your husband again despite of all the bitterness. He is entitled to have you. Thank Allah and take pride in this fact that Allah himself has given you this exclusive title to b the woman ur husband can touch the halal way. : ) Just imagine how immense this ehsan of Allah is on you and him. and if you’re a hijabi. SubhanAllah then! : )

  3. Beautiful advice sis Khanum 🙂

    and sis Sana, don’t think you have no one to talk to..u have Allah (swt) to talk to..ask His help to make things easy..
    after all no one can change a person except Allah..He is the al Wadud (the Loving)..the Merciful (Raheem) and more importantly the Hearing and the Seeing..
    even if the whole world seems against you..fix your relationship with Allah and He’ll fix everything back for you in this life and in the next sis..

    love marriages do get tricky when performed against others..but stop damning yourself sis..
    pray tahajjud..cry in front Allah.He loves His slaves even if you feel no one else does..
    once your engulfed in Allah’s love and mercy..this entire creation will love you out of His will..and even if they don’t you’ll still be content and happy because its your Lord who will engulf you in His mercy..

    keep making du’a even in your free time sis..du’a is the most powerful weapon

    don’t ignore your husband..as much as we girls look for emotional attachment..men look for respect and recognition..start giving him that and make him feel special even if he doesn’t make you feel special..Allah will reward you and make it easy for you..because you are not gonna do this for your husband’s sake..you will be doing this for Allah sake alone..

    Renew your intention and start doing everything to please Allah and see the magic unfold! 🙂

    Allah loves u dear sis..and He won’t make you go through more than what you can bear..
    He got you to this difficulty knowing that you, His salve, will come out of this test.. all you have to do is have faith that Allah will also get you out of this…
    don’t let the shaitan come in between you and your husband.. every time you get annoyed and angry just say bismillah..and smile for Allah’s sake..

    “No storm lasts forever..this will also pass”
    May Allah make things easy for you dear sis..

    • Nasmira, Jazak Allah for the response sister. Good n kind words u have said.
      I think I should write up a post for couples going through such stress. I have another friend in same scenario. It actually cuts the heart to see couples going apart – not a good inspiration for singles.

      • Both of u thank u so much for the advice
        Khanum, I cooked him good meal and tried and for a change felt he seemed happy but …….. can’t
        describe the things I have gone through here that have hurt me at his hands I will email you the details. thanks for listening both of u

      • Then i’ll jus say,
        endure my dear. and your silent cries and pain will be avenged by Allah as He knows all, we know nothing.
        Allah is there, always there.

        P.S. I am glad you keeping ur end good and honest. Allah will give u jaza for that. ameen.

        btw, do u have kids?

      • newly expecting…….’ can’t decide what to feel with such behavior from husband I feel alone

        • ohhhhh Masha Allahhhhh subhan Allah I just want to huggggggggggg youuuuuuu *huggggggg*
          dont take stress sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😦
          Look how blessed you are my sisterrrrrrr
          You wre a daughter then He blessed you and u became a wife and now heaven lies beneath ur feet Ohhh my plssssss dont feel the stress… say Alhamdulillahhh everything will be okay insha Allahhhh ameeennn !!!!!!
          Ur hubby better take good care of you in this condition. Just chin up and feel proudd . don’t think about bad things much : ) just spend the time planning ur child’s future how u gona hold the baby first time and how u gona groom ur offspring. stay positive. Everything will be okayyyyy becoming a mother is a blessing : ) Infact I was just writing up a post related to it.

  4. oh mashaAllah..subhanAllah..wow!!! your already on your way to earn multiple blessings by undertaking a journey called “motherhood” which requires so much of sacrifice..Allah swt is blessing you in so many ways and through so many trials sis Sana..its not a test..its a blessing in disguise..

    P.S: Recite quran loudly so that the little one can hear the Divine Words..
    Read this post for more on that inshaAllah..

    and sis Khanum.. being a singleton.. I’m already terrified with the word “marriage”.. 😀
    Keep me on your duas too.. 🙂

  5. Khanum
    😥 thankkkk u for the luv May Allah give you reward

    Khanum……….. you are so nice both u are nice but you actually tolerated my annoyance u just made me cry
    I thought u are married and having a very loving husband that is y u ………
    Allah will give u a very loving and good and pious husband ameen u will b the appple of his eye khanum ameen 😥 nasmira may u get a good good husband too em so emotional right now maybe because em expecting i dont know but thank u 😥

    • hmm…. jazak Allah Sana.. don’t cry just hush and just take care of urself.
      I don’t understand what’s wrong with men today, no honour no nobility left its just, I am also getting depressive. let’s plss wind up this and lets pray for your husband and every man. every where I am hearing these things its just , it cuts the heart. May Allah show ur hubby the right path the path where he loves you and understands you and u also understand him and may Allah…… just help us.

      The reason why im stressing tht despite of the ugliness you pray ur hubby turns good is because my dear marriage is a big thing. U are to make efforts by ur heart.
      Ure not perfect he’s not perfect but I just pray that you both realise its not perfection individualy that is required here,,….

      Its not meant to be that way but the beautiful thing is
      When u and he become one… you complete eachother. and that is the point of PERFECTION for you both.

      Let’s tawk on emails now. and stop going sad its not good for ur healthhhhhhhhhh dear : )

      @ Nasmira:. I agree.

  6. plus I also think my husband shoud think like u LOL 🙂 u comforted me thanks

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