Some Fav. Nasheed Tracks!

by Khanum

How can You deny the Oneness of Allah

 Allah knows


Tala al badu alyna

Muhammad Nabeena

Moulaya (PTV version all time fav)

The Teacher

In every Tear, He is there

Ya Ummi


For the rest of my Life

Never forget to say

Ya Nabi by Maher Zain


Although it is best to avoid music while taking Allah’s name. But these Tracks are the best option as compared to other music available in the market. I do listen to these tracks time to time.

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2 Comments to “Some Fav. Nasheed Tracks!”

  1. Thanks for the list! I’ve been looking for good nasheeds lately. Will search for the ones you listed on YouTube.

    • Click on the links pyari behna it will open direct! I have provided the hyperlink.
      and welcome to khanumsays after a century. U owe me alot of responses now. : )

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