Greek Rice Ring, Pakoras & Salad!

by Khanum

Quick easy food if you’re fasting , have less ingredients and an empty stomach! *Yeah I like to decorate food*


9 Comments to “Greek Rice Ring, Pakoras & Salad!”

  1. Lovely presentation, Pervisha! I have a question: what do I have to do to make pakoras really crisp and crunchy? I’m talking about mix pakoras.

    • My mother asked me the same thing.
      It’s easy. I used flour instead of baysan for the mixture and don’t deep fry it. I used a frying pan.. It will turn out super crunchy.
      I put chopped onion in it. You can use anything.

  2. Awww! am hungry, am so hungry now.hey! that rice ring looks so similar to a hummus plate, you actually do fill this empty hole of rice ring?with what exactly?with some hot desi gee O.o

    • It cant be hummus plate, come on.. I would rather fill this up with ‘Olive oil ‘ than Desi ghee.
      You’re joking right?! Who puts desi ghee in the middle of the delicately prepared greek rice ring! :O

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