Flowers …

by Khanum

That’s coriander .

The Rose 

The flowers that look like “DOGGIES”.. pls excuse that. We call them “kutta phool” in urdu very shamelessly. Very BAD!

The yellow dirty fellows..

There are many more photos. Will post later..



9 Comments to “Flowers …”

  1. I so love those “kutta phool” 🙂
    have never seen anything like that

  2. awww..that’s soo sweet of u to take these pics for him sis.. 🙂
    i love those Kutta phool too!!
    sad they are called that 😀
    awesome photography again mashaAllah!

  3. Masha’Allah nice photography. I’m sure your uncle loved your gift. 🙂
    LOL kutta phool? 😛 Bechaaare Phool 😛

  4. waooo waoo so pretty 🙂
    but still nt better than what v call flowers 😛
    ouch ?

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