Allah o Akbar!

by Khanum

Allah O Akbar!

Subhan Allah !


Allah O Akbar!

O My Lord! All the Praises belong to You. All The Worlds Belong to You. You are the Most High – The most Merciful. The Most beneficent, The Most Powerful. The Best Companion. The Best Protector, The Best Friend and The Best Helper.

You’re the Great Helper who helped Your Prophet Yusuf, You are the Great listener, Who listened to the Prayers of Your Slave Zakariyya, You’re the Most Merciful, Who gave Your beloved Musa the way through the waters, You are ALlah the Rab of Arshe-e-kareem, The Pure One , Who gave Your pious slave Maryam the Gift of Isa, You are the Rab, Who made a home near You in Paradise for Your Pious Slave Assiya….

Ya Allah! The Lord , The One and Only Lord of Muhammad sallalla ho alaihi wasallam,

The Lord of The Man who could neither write nor read,

The So High ALLAH who sent down army of angels to fight in Your Way with Your Pious Prophet against Kuffar

O My lord!

The Creator of all Human beings,

 I turn to You

I turn to you

And I will return to you

I love You Allah as You are,  and You Love me as I am.

Thank you for the Great Shelter You provide.

Protect my Heart and the hearts of my beloveds in this dunya from bad things, forgive our sins,  Protect  the tongue from uttering evil and Give me patience in abundance and sufficient things in life to live good and righteous.

Oh My Lord!

Correct me when I am wrong. Help me when I am right but can’t fight back and Speak on my Behalf when I choose Silence in response to oppression. Deal with people who wronged me Allah, I am weak and nothing without Your Help. Ya Allah, Ya Allah, YA Allah!!! I beg You for Mercy. Make me merciful too. Ya Allah! I ask you for security. Give me security too and don’t let my any beloved be the cause of my humiliation and distress. Never let me be the cause of other’s distress too.

And If I am to  b wed in this world, Ya Allah! let me be with your good honest slave and give me the glad tidings of  nurturing pious future generations. This world of yours is very beautiful but just like a dew drop. Mesmerizing but just…for a moment. And then gone.

Give me life when Life is better. And Give me death when death is better.

Let our stay here be good Allah. I never despair when I seek  anything from You. Just hold me………..

You are The Great Most Beautiful One…

Allah o Akbar!

Subhan Allah !


Allah O Akbar!

Ameen – Ya Rab Ya Kareem!

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8 Comments to “Allah o Akbar!”

  1. hmm do we ask for a lot… sometimes I wonder.. but well any thing isnt much too big or too great for Him to grant.. no??

  2. He moves the mountains… He runs the universe… yes, He can grant anythin, nothing too big for Him to give..
    And the beauty is, He is the only One who doesn’t mind neither humiliate when someone approaches Him for anything.. Allah is after all, Allah…n’ u and I my friend, depend on Him for everything..

  3. Ameen to every single letter you’ve typed here !! may Allah reward u for this, with the best!! It almost sounded like me talking to our Rabb..pretty much the same stuff I beg from Him, subhanAllah! :’)

  4. I love the picture. It is so fitting for your prayer my friend.

  5. Ameeen Ya Rab Al Alameen! Subhan’Allah loved every word of this dua. This reminded me of letters I used to write to Allah. Yes, I write Him letters. Eventhough He knows whats in our hearts, its important to share it with Him. And those letters help you to stay grounded. 🙂
    Very well written, lag raha tha ek dum dil se nikli dua hai yeh. May Allah accpet your prayers and shower his choicest blessings upon you. Ameen.

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