This blogger recently had Gol Gappay

by Khanum

On our way to the main ground, there was a girl sitting quietly in the corner having her mouth ful of something something.  Me and my friend found some space to stand near her evi main and I don’t know why we started to stare at her tray of delicious khatay gol gappay ..

Two good minutes of stare like two bhookey nadeedey bachey, and then….

“Hira!” ..

“Jee? ..”

“Hmm. Aj mera kuch khatta khane ko dil kar raha hai. ”

“Oh!” ..she made that one amazing face which she always makes. “Ap ka bhi esi fazool cheezon ka dil karta hai?” :O

“Jee  :D..khayen gol gappay?” and next thing I know, we crossed the University road, attacked on the gol gappa wala and I had my first experience of having gol gappay  at University in my 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 years of life there. Uffffff !

price per tray ( a dozen  gol gappay) : Rs. 50.

Advice: Please abstain from eating on street. Use the bridge to dine fine and shine. It will not only give you peace to enjoy ur tray of gol gappay but also save you from the hooligans roaming around on jail road since 1945.

20 Comments to “This blogger recently had Gol Gappay”

  1. it is one of the best days of my life and this gol gappay eating part was absolutely one of the things which made it so special. im very glad we had so much fun and we will in future, eat these delicious gol gappay again inshaAllah (and yes, not on the road- but on the overhead bridge as we did today to enjoy our delicios yummy tasty food peacefully) 😀

  2. Haha nothing beats bandi ke gol gappay! 🙂

  3. I don’t know what it is, but it looks super delicious.

  4. ahhh i just lovee golgapy 😛

  5. Oh bandi bole toh that cart…chalti phirti pani puri ki dukaan 🙂

  6. yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!! im getting hungry now!!!!

  7. I adore Gol Gappay! Maah Laayfe they are – see, they make me want to RiTe LyK Dis!

    Too Good! The picture is Love.

  8. Pervisha!! I shall remember “gol gappay” now because they look absolutely delish. That photograph of the stall makes it much more appealing to me because I totally dig street foods! P.S. Miss you a lot, lots of catching up to do, xoxo!

  9. kia ye goool gapaaaaay walay ki website hay

  10. Nahi Gol gapi wali kee 🙂

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