It was just a harmless cat, Sir.

by Khanum

Assalamo alaikum Wa rehmatullahi Wabarakatuhu .

Few days back,  It was really scary. Our cat who lived all her life forcefully with us and then gave birth to 4 kittens suddenly decided to die. She was falling here and there and I noticed what made it worse was I didnt know what the heck was going on with her.  After painful night Around fajr time, she began to grab her kittens by the neck one by one and pose to bite. I couldn’t decide she was dragging them to somewhere or killing them ? And this latter thought had me out of my mind! I woke up everyone. And someone said she has gone mad, she wont survive we have to take the kittens away from her. In that moment I really thought its over. My cousin and I  got in my room, shoved our heads in pillow and began to cry cause It was absolutely  certain that within few hours she’ll be dead or if not dead then she’ll be taken far away. I decided to simply fall asleep to wake up and find everything as if it was just a dream.

Around evening I woke up and there she was!!! Still alive and even better.

This goes out for my stupid neighbour. He  had mixed some weird pills most probably sleeping ones in milk and fed it to my cat. He did the same with another cat that happens to be the mum of my cat. (I know you cud be laughing but I am serious) so after drinking that milk my cat went high on sleeping mode falling here and there with her body going limp and eyes going up. When I came to know of his horrific and cruel act, My expression was of utmost horror. This was the cat that didn’t belong to any SUPER breed or royal breed but still it was a cat, a body with a soul like me, like you like him!! How can someone with a soul murder another one then  ? I don’t get it.

People need to respect the fact that “life” may it be small or big, matters to Allah alot, shows of brutality that too on innocent living beings is just… Allah! Inhumane and a big sin.

Please, love animals. Learn to share the world with them and spread the word. They may be voiceless but are you too ?


5 Comments to “It was just a harmless cat, Sir.”

  1. That was cruel of your neighbor!

  2. Maybe the neighbour needs some serious medical attention! :/

  3. OMG! Even though I’m not a cat lover, I can’t bear such cruelty.

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