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June 30, 2012

Did her Veil bother you that much, Follower of Lady Gaga?

by Khanum

Islamabad: Marwa Al Sherbini who was brutally murdered in a German court during a trial in 2009 is still alive on the wall of Twitter trends.

Most Pakistani users of micro blogging website Twitter are targeted Human Right activists for not raising their voice on Brutality against Marwa Al Sherbini as they called her “Martyr for Hijab”.

Martyr4Hijab making twitter trends when Media come under fire on their role on the issue of Muslim women killed in German Court.

Marwah Al-Sherbini, a 32 year old Egyptian and German resident who was called a ‘Muslim bitch and a terrorist whore’ and was killed by 28 year old Alex, a German citizen  in court. She was three months pregnant and was stabbed 18 times with a verdict by her killer, ‘you don’t have a right to live’.

Alex was fined Euro 780 by the court but he stabbed her in the courtroom, Marwa’s husband tries to save her but police shot him by fire.


I was going to blog on something else few moments ago, but this news got my eye on facebook and I posted that instead.

I would not like to add anything on the news from my side rather ask  simple opinion from my readers,  any reader who does not belong to Muslim community yet believes in Humanity and a woman’s personal decision to cover herself wearing Hijab. What signals is your community trying to send us ? Why can a nun or a practising Jewish lady cover herself modestly and not a Muslim woman? What’s the point?! Please make me understand!

Sometime ago French Ban was created! When a lady walks nude on french streets its OK! But when Muslim women living in France cover themselves , and prefer to walk on streets with their bodies covered, suddenly the French government finds it offensive? They bloody imposed a french ban on Veil!?Now same incidents over and over again.

What – is – the – bloody – point – of  – this – non sense ?!



June 27, 2012

Shopping This Summer at Liberty Market, Lahore

by Khanum

Yesterday me and my friend couldn’t sit through our own presentation patiently. Reason? Shopping plan at liberty after the end of most endless presentation on cultural imperialism. The picture above is of a boy who were selling bangles at the market.

Throughout univerity hours, I was praying and wishing in my heart that soon this presentation ends, we get  on our marks. Someone just  shout Ready! Steady! Apple and there we GOOO! and we did go to Liberty finally :d that is after an eternity of *** , I’ll reserve my comments on that. *my class mates can understand my sentiments on this*

My sweet teacher cum class mate gave us both a ride there. We were not even there yet when another friend called and  wished to join us. SO altogether 3 of us, did LOTS OF SHOPPING. *by lots I mean hasb e zarurat*

I am going to give you my review and updates on latest things at liberty market. First, Let me outline our individual agendas of shopping .


Me: 1 – Buy a white kurta. Only white kurta and just white kurta. No other non white kurta and definitely not any more yellow kurta otherwise mom will kill me for buying yet another same color kurta.

2- SUnblock from AL fateh. Just sunblock and nothing else. *but I ended up buying a compact powder applicator brush and totally forgot I had the mission of buying a sunblock*

My friends’ agendas:

Friend number 1 :Buy everything and anything.:P  ok now seriously, she wanted to buy a bag, shoes, and anything that crosses her way and she finds it Ooo Lala .

Friend number two: Buy A yellow kurta like Pervisha. 😛 *which we did find but in different color so left it* Buy awesome shoes.  *she really got awesome shoes*And finish the shopping off with subway deal. *which sadly didn’t happen we just had dahee bhallaz Instead*

This summers, kurtaz are IN ! I myself bought 5 of them last week. Would have bought a 6th one successfully today but dang it, I couldn’t find a decent one. The prices vary from 600 to 900. But if you do a bargain, you can easily get  kurtaz in around Rs. 650.

My friend bought this kurta. We remembered to photograph this in auto rikshaw on our way back home.

And then we got bored with kurtaz and began to note down and photograph all the dummies wearing designer wear *so we can copy the design later *

This is the stall from where I bought my ring, a very nice one in Rs 35 and my friend bought  a colorful hand band, made of beads.

Now enjoy the slideshow!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pictures where pathan kids are showing the victory sign is my speciality .lol. When I was in Turkey, I made every shopkeeper that I photographed to do the same sign. Influence of korean dramas I guess.

That was my trip to Liberty this summer. Have ya done ur shopping for the summers yet ?

June 26, 2012

A word on ‘Baran’

by Khanum

I am writing this post on filmmaking after quite a long time now , probably 2 years, cause I had taken break from this creative side. However, my passion for it never died. Therefore I decided after a long solace that I will return to it one more time.

I saw Baran movie years back at a screening hall with my friends at University. It was a film festival and we were shown outstanding and worth pondering feature films from Korea, Iran and China.

‘The Way Home’ by korean industry won the heart. As for Iran, they pretty much stole the show.

I had never watched iranian cinema before that screening , nor was I into studying filmmaking at that time. Buh oh boy! The storylines and the execution patterns of Iranian cinema are worth praising.We watched 3 Iranian movies altogether, Leila, Children of Heaven and Baran.

‘Children of Heaven’ is a legend in itself. A movie based on a pair of shoes. How could the writer come up with this brilliant idea haan ? 😀 Amazing!

Persian title of the Movie is ‘Bacha-e-Asmaan’. It is an outstanding movie, outstanding example of child stars and incredible yet simple story line by Majid Majidi. Yes, the same well known Iranian Film Director that visited National College of Arts, Lahore few years back.

I have simple appreciation for that movie, but for Baran, I am out of words.There’s no thish thas robots fighting, no superficial or artificial graphics affect. Its pure inspiration and I would admit here, if anything , any film industry inspires me to today to produce something good, halal and simple charming short films, its Iranian cinema. Top list inspiration: Baran.

Here’s a clip I watched while working on my ideas, and refresh my memory.

My review for this is again simple one. Worth Watching.

Even if you have simply zero know-how of technical things of filmmaking like I do, you will still end up enjoying this immensely given the fact that you have ‘class and simple taste’. Notice how the Director plays with the natural sounds in the scene. The extreme close up for extreme registration of emotion and creating depth in the feeling. Symbolism is everywhere.

If you like the clip, I hope you end up watching the full movie. And yes, there are no item songs in this movie. If you are one of those people – then don’t watch.



June 24, 2012

Far better than you and me

by Khanum

This story is narrated to me by my respected teacher, Sir Omer.  He and I sometimes sit together when we happen to meet in Radio section of the department and share some pearls of wisdom. That day I asked him to say something that could be pleasing for the heart,  as I was so low on energy – so hopeless in this world where you please people day and night hoping Allah will like it but all goes to vain.. To all this, He narrated this instead. A story of a man  who looked after a dog and became far better than you and me.

It begins as..Once upon a time there was a man who needed help. Day and night he would seek someone , someone close to Allah Almighty who could help him out of his trouble, teach him some piety and be his mentor. One day someone guided him to a man and at last he found a person he could finally ask for some support. He went to that man with the intention of observing his manners and routine and and ask him to Pray on his behalf but what he sees, he doesn’t spend much time doing worship like many other saints. He didn’t even do anything extra ordinary act of piety all day long but more than 2 times a day he would visit a dog. A sick dog suffering from a severe disease that when u looked at it, you would tremble by the sight of his skin. It was a dog that no one would want to touch but this old pious man would visit the dog daily , feed him food and to utmost horror of the man observing him, the old man would give the dog a bath with his hands and nurse him.

Looking all of this, the observer got curious and asked the man why is it he wastes this much time on this dying sick dog and not spend that time on worship.  What kind of a pious man is he ? he wondered.He was seeking for a man who could pray on his behalf and let him have the things he wanted from Lord Almighty instead this so called pious devoted man of Allah was wasting time on befriending a dog ? it was so unlikely.

The old man understood the uneasiness prevailing in the heart of the observer. He told the man that I am also looking for my prayer to be heard like you. Like you come to me to seek support, I came across this dog and every time when I give him a bath, his itching skin gets better, the dog feels the mercy done by me and prays for me. You may not know , Stranger, that who could be your source of closeness to Allah. Just be merciful to His creation. He has many ways to test you and give you.


My family bagged all four kittens of our cat and sent them away to an unknown place while I was asleep. The cat has been crying for 2 days now. I had been avoiding meeting the gaze of my cat for the same 2 days cause I could not protect her babies… She has not been eating neither sleeping proper.  I bought my new cell today and was over joyed at it but the moment humanity inside me shrugged me stabbed me, I suddenly felt no joy on anything new around me. Who cares for the smartphone I have ? Allah cares? Will it buy me some hasanat ? Will it make my cat feel better, the animal who’s a victim at my home ? … I  feel like a  culprit..

No one at home bothered to realise this , but when today I finally had the courage to sit near her, look at her eyes, I noticed her grief. Is it funny ? I don’t see anything funny in it. Her eyes are no longer the happy healthy eyes………..  she mourns n mourns n mournsss and it haunts me!! it  haunts me….looking at her running from here and here seeking her drives me crazy , pounds my heart my head my soul my entire being. Had It been my mother at her place searching for me when I got lost as a kid, they would have understood the pain right, even you could have pictured the scene right ?

She has grown weak, thin so pale and so lonely. To all of this my family decided, she needs to be sent away where they left out her babies. Babies that are not to be found anywhere near that area. Now because my cat has gone insane with grief she has been making each room dirty. At this, they all shout and wish her to get out of  their sight their home.

Get out ? ..This is all ? First we snatch away babies now we throw her out while she’s so thin and bleeding?

When my neighbour gave sleeping pills to her to get rid of the cat , there were some humans in this world,  mostly from my family , the ones to pose humanity and protest against it. I am just  feeling numb and mad and heart broken at their lost humanity now… what happened to it.

What happened to it..?

If tomorrow they bag the cat heartlessly, the same cat they once felt happy about … then I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive myself ever for not being the one to stop it.. and God knows, who else I won’t be forgiving at home for this.

Indeed That old man was far better .. far far better,  than you and me…

June 22, 2012

Talk to my Hair, Baby! Black & White!

by Khanum


Note: My brothers were having a dispute over which hair style is cooler. I got my camera and we created some hair looks to capture! Pretty cool it was! I have posted my two fav shots in the last, so which one is your favourite ?

P.S. Please ignore the fact that they are shirtless. It’s Summer time and we happen to live in Pakistan. Ring any bells ? Yes. electricity shortage side effects!

June 15, 2012

~ Palak Paneer & Zarda ~

by Khanum

Its shocking for many at home, what I did today. I cooked a grand meal. Not a table for two, nor just some fancy thing but a real Pakistani traditional meal. Palak Paneer (Spinach with Cheese) and Zarda for lunch.

Thanks to the weekend and some friends who have been inspiring me to cook more new cuisines recently. My first idea was to prepare a pashtoon’s dish that someone mentioned to me last week and got me interested in it.

However,  unable to grasp the recipe, this morning I scheduled myself to cook Hyderabadi Khatti Daal instead (a request by a reader, Hareem). Buh dang it ! itni bisti, by the time I woke up this morning it was already noon  not morning and yes, guess what!  once again my super mum had already cooked off the ‘daal’ I wanted to use for the Hyderabadi dish. It was tasteless and very destructive for many people’s stomach at home that are used to lavish food over weekends. So I stepped into the kitchen, checked out my refrigerator and luckily found blended spinach winking at me to be cooked ! 😛 Here you go.

Palak Paneer. Yum yum yum !!

I am not going to give you the exact measures. It all depends on how much you wanna cook. And besides, I am one of those people who work with the ingredients/spices not with the spoons or measuring tools but rather with my very own hands and fingers. I measure the ingredients the old grandma’s way. *andazan* Whenever I have tried to do the proper measuring by cups or spoons, I end up ruining it. So I prefer cooking with heart and soul than with measuring cups and logistics.

And I also hate typing out each and every recipe details Ughhh !! buh I am gonna try.

1- For Palak Paneer, You need to prepare the masala first. So fry some chopped onions. *Tip: If the onions give you tough time and don’t get brown quickly , just sprinkle some salt over and they will get brown before you blink*

2- Once the onions are brown, throw in the rest of the ingredients and spices. Garlic, ginger, Turmeric powders, green chopped chilli, red chilli powder, salt and yoghurt. The beautiful maddening aroma you gonna get from this will drive everyone awaiting outside the kitchen insane. The masala is simply mouth watering.

3- You’re ready to throw in your chopped/blended spinach. Mix it well with the masala.

4- Add some milk in it.

5- Mix well again, let it simmer for awhile and let the oil come on to the surface.

6- Fry the cheese meanwhile in cubes. I used home made cheese. Thanks to my mum. It was delicious.

7- When done, mix the cheese cubes with the spinach and there you go. Have it with rice or roti, its going to taste awesome.

When I was done with the shoot and everything, my family simply attacked on the palak paneer. Its a very irresistible dish. Plus healthy too. Your mouth’s watering right now, right? 😀

For Sweet dish, I cooked Zarda. Yellow soft sugary rice that people often have with yoghurt.

Zarda Recipe:

1- Boil some water with ilaichi, tej patta and few drops of vinegar.

2- Once the water is boiled, pour in the rice and add yellow food color in it. Let it boil for few minutes until its bit soft but you have to make sure the rice are not thoroughly cooked but only partly. They have to stay a bit undercooked for further recipe process.Once you have drained the rice nice and cooled them off. You’re half way there.

3- Take the pot in which you wanna cook the zarda. And  Pour in few spoons of oil. *do this off the heat*. Make a layer of rice , then a layer of sugar over it. Repeat this until you have 2 to 3 nice layers of oil/ghee, sugar and rice. *You must know if you’re using one 2 cups of rice, don’t use exact amount of sugar – use less like 1 and a half cup. if you want to have your rice drenched in sugar syrup only then go for equal amount of sugar or more than that depending upon your style of zarda*

4- Put it onto the high fire and let the sugar melt with the rest of the things. Keep checking the consistency. Once its done, turn the heat slow and let it cook slowly for about 5-10 minutes.

5- When cooked, garnish it with almonds and kishmish (raisins)


Note to myself: Never ever will listen to two chefs at the same time. My aunt was going ballistic over why I put tez patta in the zarda boiling water , its used in Pilao, while my mum was of the view that it was supposed to be THERE you see!

They went on and on and …well. I was done with the rice by that time gladly. and I think they are stillllll having a debate outside over the use of tej patta. 😀 shoot! with my uncle being the judge , that is.

June 14, 2012


by Khanum

I: ‘Can I talk to you ?’ I asked when in seclusion with Him.

 I wanted to say… I wanna start over..

He smiled like He read my mind, like He knew I was gonna come to this point sooner or later

I: I.. I am really , lost.

I think He Went on smiling again. I found His eyes on me , not that of anger – not that of anguish, but of Someone’s who’s been watching over me since a long long time now despite of my follies and I was asking Him about a ‘start over’? I felt … silly

I: ..”I am hoping we can start over anew, No one would come between you and me. I – I won’t let anyone come..I won’t let u down again”,  My heart was going numb with an unknown feeling. Throbbing, burning, crying, yearning. “will you just, just once more love me? Love me the same ? Just love me?”

He didn’t speak, nor turned away from me

I grew more intense, more anxious and begging.  My head down , my eyes wet… He was really making me nervous now , I, hither and thither,  like a stubborn lover trying once more to win over this beautiful and perfect beloved, went dizzy. He was a sea, and I ..nothing ..and this aching pain – so hurting..

Not being able to bear His silence any longer, I went over board and threw myself in prostration before Him

“Look,..’ I begged for forgiveness , ‘I am looking to mend our relation.You can’t refuse me I know, its not What you do. I know I just know you won’t refuse me.'” I finally exploded for a relief for a solution. He kept being there  , watching me preserving silence, then cries – then again silence..and again cries. A pain had seized my soul for so long now that it longed for His mercy. And He knew it. He knew it alright what He and I had together, it was sweet and pure and nothing like it could ever exist.

 Regrets were beginning to bite on my heart. How could I be so consumed in something than Him.. I held myself in dismay , Had I lost him? No..this thought haunted me. Tormented. I begged – over and over again for something that could free me …

and then in that moment of remorse before my beloved, pain trickling down my face –  He made me look up at Him.

Rejoice!  all my sorrows vanquished ..

Rejoice! my Beloved had embraced me…

Rejoice! for the sweet love whispered to me..

Rejoice! .. “And He is the Forgiving and Loving”….. <Qur’an 85:14>