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June 2, 2012

Tips for lazy bloggers; to Help you continue blogging.

by Khanum

Maintaining a blog with sober and appealing content is not an easy task. It requires brain , your willingness to write, willpower, creative ideas, a life (exciting or non-exciting doesn’t matter, minimum requirement is having a life) and most importantly, Time.

And dang it! that’s exactly what we don’t have most of the time. Result: We leave our blogs to rot or we just imagine readers will keep dropping comments till doomsday and nobody would notice the owner of the page missing.

Here’s to the lazy bloggers who once shined. First of all. Don’t be depressed because wordpress hasn’t pressed you yet. They just haven’t realise how great your posts are. Its their loss, eh. Lets move on.

1-  Relax. Accept. Reject.

I know the heading is not making any sense right now. But you know khanum, she always makes a point so hang on!This formula works.

Now that you know you’re a ugly blogger. It’s okay. Relax. Maybe you dont want to blog for a reason or you’re just not feeling like having a valuable idea to blog about. Take a deep breathe. What you need is to figure out what’s the reason behind lack of interest to blog. It could be anything.  You don’t have time , heart n mind to write or just not good enough ideas. whatever it is, Once you have figured it out. Accept it. Dont stay in denial that your blog is okay. It will only make your blog go worse or static. Take your time, this post is not going anywhere. Its right here, think of your problems the thoughts troubling you and just accept it.

Done now? Good. Now Reject that problem immediately.

WTF ! I know.

you’re thinking  what the falooda khanum is saying. Hang on, mate. Let me elaborate. What I meant was, After accepting the root cause, immediately reject it, Kill it , fix it and don’t let it overpower you at all. To get a solution for the problem you first at least need to identify it. Take a break perhaps but just a break not lifetime golden retirement dear. Then Work and strive towards fixing that problem. If you don’t have any idea , try to look for some. And here’s how you’ll do that.

2- Imagine it’s your last day on earth.

It will scare the sh*t out of you. Trust me, i.e. if you really liked living once, breathing , annoying others, pleasing others or  in most cases babbling online. Trust me if you had passion once for your life, it will scare the hell out of you to feel you could be dying soon. What about the difference you wanted to make in someone’s life. So are you gonna just sit and not do something? Use that feeling to Motivate yourself and it won’t let you stay lazy any more. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” Means if you have lost your purpose and passion so young, you’re soul’s dead already. Its just a body you’re carrying around till you’re 75.

If you imagine you don’t have enough time left You’ll begin to think of things you wanted to do in life but haven’t done so far. Why not blog about that! If you enjoyed photography. Get your camera and shoot. Just anything – To keep yourself going. Keyword: Anything. Get Inspired. Find a point of goodness and hang on to it. Be easy on yourself and be proud. Want more reasons for that ?

3- Bigger Picture : You’re a Source of International Communication and not just a Receiver!

The first question asked to us in the International Communications class was , Identify your place. Are you a receiver or a source of international communication? Everyone just looked at each other for awhile.  And then all of them replied the same , ‘Oh I use face book and twitter I surf net for information and watch videos on you tube so this makes me a receiver’ And I , myself  never paid any heed to it before that  Oh my God! I am not just that. I am also a Source of information for many online.  Getting ? No?

Hello?!! I run a blog! A BLOG! And its not a small thing to be able to communicate with people of different races different mind sets different nationalities. It shows you’re you have the brains and the blessing of being able to share your thoughts. How proud it made me felt when I told my teacher and the whole class that Just a day before , I had reported a murder story outside a neighbour college, online via my wordpress. It got 707 hits in one day. So there you go. If that could earn me so much appreciation and respect for being the sole student out of 23 to be an INFORMATION SOURCE in life  at international level, why shouldn’t it help you realise your worth ? Think about it. You could do wonders. And besides, with your blog you’ll have something great to inspire your kids with in future. My kids at least won’t be able to say ‘Oh mama, you don’t know how to use computers or you don’t know anything’ .

4- Take a stroll. Open your mind’s window.

This really helps. Whenever I have exams or I have to think hard on something I always and always try to sit in an open area for the thought. What happens is, confined walls suffocate your mind. Fresh air , pleasant sky and a free environment gives your heart and soul the energy to bloom and reflect on things with a broader perspective,  you adsorb the positive energy of the natural setting around you, as a result your brain processes more good thinking.

I tried it yesterday  morning. Around 6am it became cloudy and thundering a bit. Because I was up for fajr and worried over an assignment I have to finish within a week, I decided to take a walk in the open area. I think hardly 5 minutes had passed, the beautiful morning winds joined me and at what time it started to rain, I didn’t even realise. Imagine this beautiful scene. The positive clear fresh energy around you at the start of your day. How and when a flood of great ideas began to float in my mind I don’t know. The more I walked and enjoyed the weather the more ideas came flying to me. And there you go again! Blocked mind’s tragedy solved.  Say your thanks to the Lord and get started. For more ideas explore other blogs too.

If Still not motivated enough? Then there’s only last thing left.

Kindly, Slap yourself. You’re a 2 class loser. There are people struggling to survive each day in 3rd world countries under such harsh and cruel circumstances  , and you can’t even keep your blog running and survive the laziness having all the comforts in life?? come on! man up. :@

note: I donut own the picture.