Summer Check, Local Mashroobs and Basit

by Khanum

According to the google weather check , Lahore is absolutely freezing its people NOT. Its rather Roasting.

46°C | °F Sun Mon Tue Wed
Clear Clear Clear Mostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Wind: NW at 11 km/h
Humidity: 20% 

There’s heavy load-shedding (wapda shedding) with one hour gap. It would be a blessing if I could finish this post up without interruption. Secondly, its the end of weekend. Boohoo! 😦 and 3rd point, I wanted to cook a ravishing lunch today not because I love to roast myself in kitchen like a good daughter but for the sake of this ladla blog of mine,  I often step into the crusade so I can later blog about it. However, by the time I decided what I want to cook , my super mom had already cooked the meal. Uff dang it! itni bisti.

Anyways, done with the meal thing, I decided I have never really blogged about the local drinks we enjoy in summers in Lahore. There’s the famous Jam-e-Shireen, Lemonade (shakanjawi ) and my most favourite Shakkar cola (brown sugar drink with basil seeds in it). I know two more drinks are in your mind right now that I missed out, Lassi and Saattu. So the former one made with yogurt , I have blogged about it before too but Im keeping it safe for another post on traditional breakfast we enjoy in summers and the latter one , Sattu, so sad, they aren’t available yet.

All of you who belong to Pakistan must know how to make all these drinks. But for the most part, Shakkar Cola is still not very famous among many of the Pakistanis, maybe cause its a street drink, you know what I mean. I’m the only person I believe who consider it a 5 star drink and proudly drink it in crystal flute glass 😛 if I have to.

I take it to university even in my water bottle. And Oh! I forgot, There’s ‘Slush’ another summer drink , recently introduced. Its nothing healthy to be honest just give you chills for the moment and u go AHHHHHHH thand par gai sort of.

ANyways back to the Shakkar Cola.

What you need for that is just brown sugar, basil seeds, a lemon, chilled water and there you go.

And noww! I’m sure you want to know who is Basit?! He’s the annoying cousin bro of mine that once lived in another city and still was a headache. Now that he has migrated to lahore for studies and has been living with us , Daily 2 to 3 captures are must for him. Whenever I am holding the camera , not even shooting mind it but just holding, he always appears out of the blue and then you know what I mean. I don’t understand, Ithought only girls have this 24 hours ‘I am so photogenic’ syndrome, since when did guys become like this always posing and updating their profile pictues on facebook so girls can like and poke? :S.. anyways, he proves to be a good model for me sometimes. Whenever I want something done, I just have to give a tiny threat ‘I won’t take your picture if you dont do it, yaad rakhna phir’ , and there its done.

:D… Here are some of his behind the scene pictures. He was literally troubling me alot, dying to get his hands clean on those drinks.

So cheers to the photography we enjoyed today with chilled drinks. Hope you too are having a great summer or (winter) in your city.

Assalamo alaikum ! 🙂


22 Comments to “Summer Check, Local Mashroobs and Basit”

  1. Walaikum assalam!

    Oh, how I miss this bubbly and funny Pervisha! I’m sooooooooo glad you are back 🙂

    Here in the UAE, we mostly drink Laban (a yogurt drink) and coconut juice. Roof Afza is reserved for Ramadan.

    You’ve photographed the drink very beautifully! And yeah, I’m one of those Pakistanis who haven’t had shakkar cola yet. Shame on me. And I’m jealous of all the plants you have in front of you house (I only have a solitary pot of aloe vera sitting on my window pane).

    Tell Basit he is a good model, and should appear in every food-related post of yours.

    • haha.. before I extend my thanks to you and hug you let me control my laugh over your last comment.
      I just told basit he has got a comment from dubai and he went wooohoo! : P..

      I know , I missed myself too . : ) Thank you sooo much for the love. Do try out this shakkar cola nadoo, its way better than jam e shireen and lemonade. And yeahhh we have alot of plants at home that invites lots of mosquitoes too!

    • Laban is also famous in turkey. I had it there. Very salty and thick but yummy.

  2. coooollllll post. keep it up.

  3. Oh Pervisha, new stuff for me to look up and try. Now I’m thirsty, it’s getting summery warm here so a cool refreshing drink is in order.

  4. Pervisha i m simply happy for u… I didnt knw this side of pervisha… stay healthy and enjoy summer drinks..

    • Ohh myyyy Goddd !
      I am so happy to see you here on this blog. Welcome and Thank you sooo much Ma’am. !! I’m honoured by ur presence. Im sorry from the bottom of my heart for doing poor earlier… I hope u understand.. life doesn’t stay the same always.
      ❤ Your time and appreciation is greatly appreciated : )

  5. Walekum assalam!
    AAhhhh summmer, aaaya mausam thande thande dermi cool ka :P. Summer without Rooh afza, falooda and lemonade? No wayyy! Alhamdulilah for these drinks. 😀 And slush is too meetha for my liking. Vishaaa( I’m gonna call u that abse 😛 ) I love your photography and your sense of humor too. mA 🙂
    Stay blessed and enjoy summer.

    • Bint Maqsoodddd, can I know your name pls ?
      N yeahh you can call me Visha, thats what most of my friends call me ..
      😀 thank you soooo much for appreciating the photography!M tryin best to enjoy summers, though I love the winters most. How’s the weather at your end ? 🙂

  6. Oh My!! the juices looks yummyyyyy… have to treat me with these when I visit Pakistan someday, inhsaAllah 😉
    and your cousin looks a lot like you 🙂
    He can appear in advertisements and earn loads, tell him that!
    P.S: Im sooooooo happy to see you back in action..blogging Khanum style! 😉

    • Ahh Nasmira nasmira nasmira! come soon before I leave Pakistan ! 😛 🙂

      Lol @ the comment for my cousin. he’s reached the 7th sky to know he got admirers on blog 😛
      He’s gonna fight with me as usual n say tell ur friend Im more handsome than you ! haha Thanks for such wnderful compliments. ❤

  7. Weather here is just toooo hot and humid for my liking, even I’m a winter person And yahan sardi bhi bus do din ki mehmaan hai. Last year’s winter was my first winter here and I was like sardi hi nai hai. Then after few days I gotta know that yeh jo sardi hui thi wohi zyada thi i was like :O :O :P. But Alhamdulilah no power cuts abhi toh 😀 Can’t wait for monsoons 😀

  8. My name is Hareem btw 🙂

  9. Oh and as this is Mango’s season why don’t you try something nice and thandaaa with mango like mango lassi? 😀

  10. omg the chilled drinks look so refreshing!!! and LOL@ ‘ Ithought only girls have this 24 hours ‘I am so photogenic’ syndrome, since when did guys become like this always posing and updating their profile pictues on facebook so girls can like and poke? ‘

    …this shows that the end is near.. scary stuff if you think about it from a serious prospective.

    your post was fab and entertaining none the less. lol. nice to meet you

  11. i tasted these things before but love the way u presented them 🙂 another summer drink u missed is imlii Aloo bakharay k sharbat thts also too yummyy :)))

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