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June 10, 2012

Hasta La vista , Babies. Or maybe Goodbye.

by Khanum

I don’t understand the weird rule in the animal kingdom. A rule that has been driving my cat to abandon her kittens just after hardly 2 months of their birth. Its like she’ saying to them, ‘Go now, earn on your own. I can’t take of your expenses any longer”. What the Falooda ?? Its more like a west Talk.

Yesterday, she deliberately left behind one of her kitten at our neighbour’s place and came back satisfied that she has gotten rid of one brat, 3 more to go. If it wasn’t for my cousin we wouldn’t have been able to search the kitten back . How mad my cat makes me go on this theory of her now, I simply cannot describe and today she did it again. 2 of my beloved kittens, Cutie and Shoot, are missing since morning. We have searched the whole neighbourhood for them, tried to ask the cat where the heck she left them this time, but no positive response. Its just too sad cause they are too small and not even able to catch a rat. How will they survive…dunno. Stupid animal rule, Why can’t they just live together like a joint family system ? Its not like my cat was paying any of their bills. I was rather taking care of that , YOu baboon Mano ! :@

I hope wherever they are they are safe and secure. I badly wish they could find their way back home. I miss them.. And I guess their siblings , Badmash and Mute are also missing their two lost sisters. Or maybe not, since they get to drink the bigger portion of milk now. Traitors !

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That’s Shoot on the right, with bonkers sleeping position. She always had the most idiotic gestures while sleeping.

And that’s Cutie. 😦 … Beauty among 3 three.

P.S. If I get to hear or see any comment where you have laughed or joked about their being gone. I will say very bad things to you. Mind it !!