Hasta La vista , Babies. Or maybe Goodbye.

by Khanum

I don’t understand the weird rule in the animal kingdom. A rule that has been driving my cat to abandon her kittens just after hardly 2 months of their birth. Its like she’ saying to them, ‘Go now, earn on your own. I can’t take of your expenses any longer”. What the Falooda ?? Its more like a west Talk.

Yesterday, she deliberately left behind one of her kitten at our neighbour’s place and came back satisfied that she has gotten rid of one brat, 3 more to go. If it wasn’t for my cousin we wouldn’t have been able to search the kitten back . How mad my cat makes me go on this theory of her now, I simply cannot describe and today she did it again. 2 of my beloved kittens, Cutie and Shoot, are missing since morning. We have searched the whole neighbourhood for them, tried to ask the cat where the heck she left them this time, but no positive response. Its just too sad cause they are too small and not even able to catch a rat. How will they survive…dunno. Stupid animal rule, Why can’t they just live together like a joint family system ? Its not like my cat was paying any of their bills. I was rather taking care of that , YOu baboon Mano ! :@

I hope wherever they are they are safe and secure. I badly wish they could find their way back home. I miss them.. And I guess their siblings , Badmash and Mute are also missing their two lost sisters. Or maybe not, since they get to drink the bigger portion of milk now. Traitors !

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That’s Shoot on the right, with bonkers sleeping position. She always had the most idiotic gestures while sleeping.

And that’s Cutie. 😦 … Beauty among 3 three.

P.S. If I get to hear or see any comment where you have laughed or joked about their being gone. I will say very bad things to you. Mind it !!


21 Comments to “Hasta La vista , Babies. Or maybe Goodbye.”

  1. Haaaye haaaye Visha 😦 Insha’Allah you’ll find ’em 🙂
    lol-ing at their names 😛

  2. hahahah, no nooo lol-ing at their “cute” names, i found ’em funny. But tumhari billiou ko Allah salamat rakhe maine kuch bura nai kaha(aur na hi socha hai) unke barey mein *scared* 😛

    • lol lol lolly pop 😦 …

      apart from joking, its raining here Yaaaar! I wonder if they are under shelter or not.
      Gusaa araha hai muje apni moti billi pe! bad mother !

    • and yeah I named them according to their kartootein 😀 ..
      Shoot for speed. Mute as he doesn’t speak much , shy type. Cutie because she’s beauty and Badmash as he’s the ring leader of all. 😛
      And now they are all apart. ….! sad!

  3. Hahahaha! Don’t worry they’ll be safe. Insha’Allah 🙂
    I remember once a cat was at our doorstep, too thin & malnourished that made her look so scary and waise bhi I’ve cat-phobia I don’t know why. Its not some ahhh cat wala phobia, a cat in my sight will send chills down my spine. Seriously. Don’t laugh at me. I even get their nightmares *shudders*. Anyway so me n my elder brother we were fighting, he was insisting on feeding her(and he found her tooooo beautiful and “pyaari”) and I’m like nai ab agar doodh diye toh she will come again n again. but meri kaun sunne wala tha, he fed the cat and she was there for few weeks, she always stayed at our doorstep, kabhi kabhi andar aajati and agaye baad main toh zameen asman ek kardeti thi :P. Phir uske baad when my brother left even she disappeared, even though mom used to feed her but uske laad and nakhre nai uthate the like him. When I informed he was soooo sad and you know what after he came back,within a day or two she was there again. I was like :O :O
    Khair ab I’m tryna love ’em coz Mom’s always like Nabi (SAWS) ka chaheeta jaanwar billi hai, love them. Toh ab trying to love ’em. 🙂

    • Awwwwwwwwwwwww ;'( you’re making me cry. You knowww ABu Huraira R.A had a cat too. infact he got the huraira nick name cause of a cat. ;'( ABu huraira means father of the kittens. 😦 …

      I jus informed my bro he’s away at friend’s place for a week. He too upset that where they went. Ahhhhhhhhhh 😦 ..*pray* they stay safe.

    • And I cant believe you’re afraid of a cat! shame on you :@.. lol

  4. Oh I didn’t know that Abu Huraira means father of kittens. Nice Masha’Allah 🙂
    Awww don’t worry they will be safe. Jab Allah ne paida kia hai toh He will take care of ’em. 🙂
    lol you are not the first one Visha, I get weird looks when I say that. 😛

    • I seriously dont get why girls are like that ?? ? A friend of mine sees a lizard and goes baboons n screaming like she has seen an elegator in her room.

  5. LOL no I’m not scared of cockraoches/lizards or any of those creatures but cats. Allah ko malum why I’m like that. But I’m trying to get over it. Insha’Allah I will 😀

  6. oye they are the same like the ones i had, but so evil of u to threw them awaY 😥

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