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June 24, 2012

Far better than you and me

by Khanum

This story is narrated to me by my respected teacher, Sir Omer.  He and I sometimes sit together when we happen to meet in Radio section of the department and share some pearls of wisdom. That day I asked him to say something that could be pleasing for the heart,  as I was so low on energy – so hopeless in this world where you please people day and night hoping Allah will like it but all goes to vain.. To all this, He narrated this instead. A story of a man  who looked after a dog and became far better than you and me.

It begins as..Once upon a time there was a man who needed help. Day and night he would seek someone , someone close to Allah Almighty who could help him out of his trouble, teach him some piety and be his mentor. One day someone guided him to a man and at last he found a person he could finally ask for some support. He went to that man with the intention of observing his manners and routine and and ask him to Pray on his behalf but what he sees, he doesn’t spend much time doing worship like many other saints. He didn’t even do anything extra ordinary act of piety all day long but more than 2 times a day he would visit a dog. A sick dog suffering from a severe disease that when u looked at it, you would tremble by the sight of his skin. It was a dog that no one would want to touch but this old pious man would visit the dog daily , feed him food and to utmost horror of the man observing him, the old man would give the dog a bath with his hands and nurse him.

Looking all of this, the observer got curious and asked the man why is it he wastes this much time on this dying sick dog and not spend that time on worship.  What kind of a pious man is he ? he wondered.He was seeking for a man who could pray on his behalf and let him have the things he wanted from Lord Almighty instead this so called pious devoted man of Allah was wasting time on befriending a dog ? it was so unlikely.

The old man understood the uneasiness prevailing in the heart of the observer. He told the man that I am also looking for my prayer to be heard like you. Like you come to me to seek support, I came across this dog and every time when I give him a bath, his itching skin gets better, the dog feels the mercy done by me and prays for me. You may not know , Stranger, that who could be your source of closeness to Allah. Just be merciful to His creation. He has many ways to test you and give you.


My family bagged all four kittens of our cat and sent them away to an unknown place while I was asleep. The cat has been crying for 2 days now. I had been avoiding meeting the gaze of my cat for the same 2 days cause I could not protect her babies… She has not been eating neither sleeping proper.  I bought my new cell today and was over joyed at it but the moment humanity inside me shrugged me stabbed me, I suddenly felt no joy on anything new around me. Who cares for the smartphone I have ? Allah cares? Will it buy me some hasanat ? Will it make my cat feel better, the animal who’s a victim at my home ? … I  feel like a  culprit..

No one at home bothered to realise this , but when today I finally had the courage to sit near her, look at her eyes, I noticed her grief. Is it funny ? I don’t see anything funny in it. Her eyes are no longer the happy healthy eyes………..  she mourns n mourns n mournsss and it haunts me!! it  haunts me….looking at her running from here and here seeking her drives me crazy , pounds my heart my head my soul my entire being. Had It been my mother at her place searching for me when I got lost as a kid, they would have understood the pain right, even you could have pictured the scene right ?

She has grown weak, thin so pale and so lonely. To all of this my family decided, she needs to be sent away where they left out her babies. Babies that are not to be found anywhere near that area. Now because my cat has gone insane with grief she has been making each room dirty. At this, they all shout and wish her to get out of  their sight their home.

Get out ? ..This is all ? First we snatch away babies now we throw her out while she’s so thin and bleeding?

When my neighbour gave sleeping pills to her to get rid of the cat , there were some humans in this world,  mostly from my family , the ones to pose humanity and protest against it. I am just  feeling numb and mad and heart broken at their lost humanity now… what happened to it.

What happened to it..?

If tomorrow they bag the cat heartlessly, the same cat they once felt happy about … then I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive myself ever for not being the one to stop it.. and God knows, who else I won’t be forgiving at home for this.

Indeed That old man was far better .. far far better,  than you and me…