Shopping This Summer at Liberty Market, Lahore

by Khanum

Yesterday me and my friend couldn’t sit through our own presentation patiently. Reason? Shopping plan at liberty after the end of most endless presentation on cultural imperialism. The picture above is of a boy who were selling bangles at the market.

Throughout univerity hours, I was praying and wishing in my heart that soon this presentation ends, we get  on our marks. Someone just  shout Ready! Steady! Apple and there we GOOO! and we did go to Liberty finally :d that is after an eternity of *** , I’ll reserve my comments on that. *my class mates can understand my sentiments on this*

My sweet teacher cum class mate gave us both a ride there. We were not even there yet when another friend called and  wished to join us. SO altogether 3 of us, did LOTS OF SHOPPING. *by lots I mean hasb e zarurat*

I am going to give you my review and updates on latest things at liberty market. First, Let me outline our individual agendas of shopping .


Me: 1 – Buy a white kurta. Only white kurta and just white kurta. No other non white kurta and definitely not any more yellow kurta otherwise mom will kill me for buying yet another same color kurta.

2- SUnblock from AL fateh. Just sunblock and nothing else. *but I ended up buying a compact powder applicator brush and totally forgot I had the mission of buying a sunblock*

My friends’ agendas:

Friend number 1 :Buy everything and anything.:P  ok now seriously, she wanted to buy a bag, shoes, and anything that crosses her way and she finds it Ooo Lala .

Friend number two: Buy A yellow kurta like Pervisha. 😛 *which we did find but in different color so left it* Buy awesome shoes.  *she really got awesome shoes*And finish the shopping off with subway deal. *which sadly didn’t happen we just had dahee bhallaz Instead*

This summers, kurtaz are IN ! I myself bought 5 of them last week. Would have bought a 6th one successfully today but dang it, I couldn’t find a decent one. The prices vary from 600 to 900. But if you do a bargain, you can easily get  kurtaz in around Rs. 650.

My friend bought this kurta. We remembered to photograph this in auto rikshaw on our way back home.

And then we got bored with kurtaz and began to note down and photograph all the dummies wearing designer wear *so we can copy the design later *

This is the stall from where I bought my ring, a very nice one in Rs 35 and my friend bought  a colorful hand band, made of beads.

Now enjoy the slideshow!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pictures where pathan kids are showing the victory sign is my speciality .lol. When I was in Turkey, I made every shopkeeper that I photographed to do the same sign. Influence of korean dramas I guess.

That was my trip to Liberty this summer. Have ya done ur shopping for the summers yet ?

27 Comments to “Shopping This Summer at Liberty Market, Lahore”

  1. 🙂 enjoyed your views and reviews… Nice 🙂

  2. Libertyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤ Toh yeh hai liberty. Is there a liberty in Khi too? 😀
    LOL! Shopping in summer is such an azaab, seriosuly! Garmi upar se traffic Allah rehem!
    Do you've a fetish for white clothes,just like me? 😀 Even I gotta buy kurtas for college soon, insha'Allah. Oh are those cotton kurtay or lawn kurtay? Lawn is tooo goood, soo halka phulka, isn't it? 😀 And you know what, we've this craze for Pakistani suits in India especially for lawn. 🙂
    ANd even I got sooooooooooooooooooooooo many (yes that many) bangles, today itself 😀 Alhamdulilah 🙂
    Great post. Hope your ppt was good. 🙂

  3. What beautiful fabric and I love love love the bangles. Shopping really is therapy for us girls.

  4. ewww such a girly post 😛

  5. o0o im loving the outfits and the jewelry!!! great post

  6. it seems that u people enjoyed a lot …… image of bangles giveing a very fresh look 🙂

  7. Alright, thank you for the kurta slideshow -.- Strangely enough I was looking for something like that -.- and on a further note please don’t imply that this was your alst shopping trip for the summer -.- Girls just need an excuse to go shopping x,.x

  8. Laughed out loud reading these lines, “We remembered to photograph this in auto rikshaw on our way back home” and ” then we got bored with kurtaz and began to note down and photograph all the dummies wearing designer wear *so we can copy the design later”. 😀

  9. can anyone tell me where i can find designer replica bags online or on facebook?

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