Did her Veil bother you that much, Follower of Lady Gaga?

by Khanum

Islamabad: Marwa Al Sherbini who was brutally murdered in a German court during a trial in 2009 is still alive on the wall of Twitter trends.

Most Pakistani users of micro blogging website Twitter are targeted Human Right activists for not raising their voice on Brutality against Marwa Al Sherbini as they called her “Martyr for Hijab”.

Martyr4Hijab making twitter trends when Media come under fire on their role on the issue of Muslim women killed in German Court.

Marwah Al-Sherbini, a 32 year old Egyptian and German resident who was called a ‘Muslim bitch and a terrorist whore’ and was killed by 28 year old Alex, a German citizen  in court. She was three months pregnant and was stabbed 18 times with a verdict by her killer, ‘you don’t have a right to live’.

Alex was fined Euro 780 by the court but he stabbed her in the courtroom, Marwa’s husband tries to save her but police shot him by fire.


I was going to blog on something else few moments ago, but this news got my eye on facebook and I posted that instead.

I would not like to add anything on the news from my side rather ask  simple opinion from my readers,  any reader who does not belong to Muslim community yet believes in Humanity and a woman’s personal decision to cover herself wearing Hijab. What signals is your community trying to send us ? Why can a nun or a practising Jewish lady cover herself modestly and not a Muslim woman? What’s the point?! Please make me understand!

Sometime ago French Ban was created! When a lady walks nude on french streets its OK! But when Muslim women living in France cover themselves , and prefer to walk on streets with their bodies covered, suddenly the French government finds it offensive? They bloody imposed a french ban on Veil!?Now same incidents over and over again.

What – is – the – bloody – point – of  – this – non sense ?!


Source: http://www.thenewstribe.com/2012/06/30/martyr4hijab-marwa-al-sherbini-makes-twitter-trend/#

7 Comments to “Did her Veil bother you that much, Follower of Lady Gaga?”

  1. The point is to fear what we are ignorant of and to hate on anything that is different. A person is declared insane not because he is mentally ill (most of the time) but he is declared insane because he has the audacity to question the reality that we live in… We may preach that being different is amazing but to be honest, we all hate anything that is different and must subdue it to our own will.

    • I do agree. but sometimes , infact , always as a good human gesture ,we must stomach the differences and should let the different one be. And not murder totally. WHy pick a side, why kan’t stay neutral and let the person be!

  2. I hadn’t heard of this terrible and sad story till I read your post. Although the news article didn’t make much sense, so I looked it up and understand the background a bit better.
    Couldn’t hatred be considered a form of insanity? It’s not quite logical thinking, it’s emotionally based, and an extreme emotion too.
    There are many different people and each of us operate a different way. There may be certain aspects of human nature, but no one person thinks/acts exactly like any other person, it’s part of free will. My own principle is that people should be allowed to do what is right for them as long as it does not harm others. But what constitute harming others is not always so well defined and has a more general quality and I guess is left up to the individual. Whatever anyone’s thoughts or opinions, I am just saddened and sorry that this tragedy occurred.

    • I am glad to hear that you also believe that people should be allowed to do what is right for them as long as it doesn’t harm others.
      This news is probably nothing as compared to the massacre world is seeing out there but yet it just keeps getting worse on Hijab issue.

      • I think we should all be allowed our human rights, our personal freedom. Even if we don’t necessarily agree with each other, we should still respect each other’s right. The only thing that may breach this understanding is when one person tries to take it away from another, in which case as a society we have to correct that mistake. It’s something as humans we cannot allow. Well, this is just my way of thinking. I don’t like violence/war/bad things. But it’s part of our human history, but not our personal history. I think what we can do today is so very important to distinguish from what have done in the past. I can go on, but I’ll be here forever (and I type fast…)

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