Italian Fettuccine with Meatballs

by Khanum

Who says you can’t cook when you have exams or a upset stomach? Living in this part of the World means, obsessed with Delicious spicy food. Yes, yes and 1000 times yes! I am a proud foodaholic. It only happens, I like to cook more than I like to eat. And this just does not mean I cook under normal circumstances. Nope! My love for food heals me. I cook when I am stressed. I cook when I am sick. I cook when I have exams, yes yes and 100 times yes! anytime and anything. I just need the will to cook it and there you go!

I had plans to make Gulab Jamun today and blog on that, however, this sudden shift in the taste , in the middle of the night yesterday had me excited about making Italian Pasta dish.

What I do when I have a stomach that is forbidden for ravishing food for awhile? I watch lots n lots of BBC cooking shows online. That’s my therapy. This inspires me to get well soon for the sake of those delicious recipes that are still unexplored by me.

So following that, Last night I was watched Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food program. In a very old episode of it he prepared Italian spaghetti with meatballs. It of course had me off track and I forgot I am on strict diet by the doctor. I went to the kitchen at 2am in the night with a grumbling tummy and a torch in my hand. Guess what? It’s Pakistan. The light can go off any time. The moment I entered kitchen it went off again for the 100th time. SO obviously, a torch came to this damsel’s rescue. I searched for pasta but there was none. So I turned on GPS internet on cell and looked for fresh home made pasta recipe. I stumbled upon a very easy recipe by GialloZafferano, Italy’s number 1 food website. Ingredients for pasta are simple. Eggs and all purpose white flour.

This is how you make Fresh Pasta at home.

I took one 1 small cup of flour for one serving. and One egg. Make a pool of flour on clean kitchen shelf or a cutting board will work too. Then make a whole in the middle of it and break one egg in it. Using a fork, gently whip the egg in the centre of flour and slowly let both the ingredients mix. Then leave the fork and mix it with your fingers. When the mixture has the consistency of a sticky glue like , this is the time you need to use your hands and make a soft/hard dough. Please remember, it will not be a very soft dough as we haven’t used butter in it. That is used in the tart dough not for pasta otherwise your pasta will become just a regular dough of flour.Once your dough is ready after several minutes of hand shake with the flour, you need to put it in the refrigerator for awhile. In my case, it turned out,  I put it there and fell asleep. So rest of the recipe was made in the morning.

Roll it well, you’ll sweat profoundly during this and Your dough is now ready to be cut in many pasta shapes.Pipes, lines or bow ties whatever you call it. And Hey! Do you know there are more than 600 pasta shapes in the world? woof! I made only 2 of them. Farfalle and Fettuccine. Farfalle a type of pasta , commonly known as “bow-tie pasta”, the name is derived from the Italian word farfalla (butterfly).

While Fettuccine literally means little ribbons. Pretty, eh? I made these 😉

Now the Tomato Sauce for the Meatballs.

Its again very simple and depends on your style of cooking. I just follow my heart and put anything I feel like using at that time. Make small meat balls and fry them. Once they are done leave them aside and prepare the tomato sauce. You need tomatoes and some water for that. Shake it well in the shaker  and you’ll have a puree. Now finely chop garlic and green chillies. Fry them and pour the puree in. Let it cook for awhile and add your secret ingredients. In go the meatballs now and viola! Your meatballs are ready. Just boil the pasta and serve it.

P.S. My mom was really proud of me today 😀 I cooked pasta from the scratch!


20 Comments to “Italian Fettuccine with Meatballs”

  1. CHEEETI ! ❤

  2. wao its really mouth watering …… specially the pasta is looking too gud 🙂

  3. OMG you’ve too much patience. Masha’Allaaahhhh 🙂 *shaabaaaash-pats on the back*
    And I guess namak parey are made aise hi shayad like how u made pasta from scratch. Well I’m not sure but dikhne mein lag raha hai 😛

  4. You actually made pasta from scratch at 2 in the morning?! There should be some award for that kind of patience and dedication 🙂

    What did you add in those meatballs? I’m actually steering clear from tomato-based sauces because of my ceramic braces, but as soon as these come off I am so going to make this!

    As always, I am impressed by your creativity and food presentation.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

    • Yup : ) I really really honestly made that pasta from the scratch ! 😉 tabhi tou mom got emotional and said aj meri beti ne tou..uf uf :p im ready to get married stuff. lol

      For the meatball.s Gladly I didn’t have to make them. My mum had made seekh kabab material so I opened fridge and found them. Turned them into meat balls n there you go. Though i like to make meatballs with lesser ingredients, people often use chopped onion. I dun’t I rather put vinegar and soya sauce for taste like i do in pakoras. *xoxo* welcome back after a long time im so happy to see you sister!

    • n yes m feeling better now 🙂 shukriya.

  5. Wow you gotta have patience for that, very impressive! I don’t have that kind of patience but it looks good!

  6. This looks so good! Gorgeous results! Yum!

  7. Umm really amazing 😛 Though am surprised you didn’t know how to make Pasta 😛 I learnt it from watching Jamie Oliver =P Lol, oh but there is one thing I want to complain about: It’s not GPS internet -.- it’s GPRS… GPS is just Global Positioning System… Something that tells you your longitudes and latitudes 😛

    • Ah, there u are sire, I-know-it-all to correct a silly being as always, thank you so much for lettin me know the difference 🙂 though I admit I feel like hitting u with a frying pan for sticking out your tongue in ur your comment 4 times. 4 times , my goodness!!? Pls note my complaint too, its annoying.
      and yupp I did know how to make pasta I jus learnt how to make dough that night.
      We both seem to admire jamie oliver han. : ) A Devil who cooks.

  8. It’s a course of habit… it’s my pet emoticon “:P” so can’t really change it 😛 and apart from that lol you’re not the only one who wants to hit me so take a number 😛 and well I enjoy watching cooking rather than cooking 😛 Usually either am too lazy or not allowed to experiment in the kitchen =P

    • I guess you’re better at noting down the latest trends of kurtas and recipes for ur lady. I am so glad she doesn’t allow u in the kitchen. Nobody likes to eat ‘sarcastic’ food all the time. and again four times that sign.?? May God correct u and ur habits ! Amen 😀

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