Saieen Saieen Saieen!

by Khanum

What should I write? WHAT should I write? WHAT I SHOULD I WRITEEEE???

uhhh I have been going crazy lately thinking of a post.

Spirituality ? No. I am keeping it personal.

Ramadan wishes? No. Every blog is talking over it.

Food? A BIG NO! I am bored of food posts lately.

Photography ? Nooo, that too has some issues lately.

What’s left then.


I heard a lot over Saieen creature. Like Saieen ka facebook bhi saieen , saieen ki moonch bhi saieen but I had no idea what saieen is all about until in the morning my cousin actually showed me the hilarious WADEIRE KA BETA moves and told what the mania is about! Well, its a song! Yes A damn song based on a comedy sketch by Ali Gul Pir. And apparently Everybody is in Saieen fever these days!

This character reminded me of Zardari, his son and those lazy people in this world who are so Saieen-ish that they joke even on the very practice of Ramadan.

How ?

Observing fast without praying is like sucking up the sheesha pipe without burning the coal, you ain’t getting anything out of it bro! — A bro said on Twitter.

Now please focus on PRAYING AND FASTING rather then sheesha! The point is that without 5 times prayer and other obligatory practices during fasting you are just being lazy and a Saieen! Yes! People who do ‘shahi’ roza are doing Saieen roza ! Please stop doing that. This is not just about giving up food and water. Fasting is about spending your entire time the way Allah wants you to, to come closer to Him and Jannah. Besides, who knows, this could be your last Ramadan. So if you had the chance to change your fate this month, would ya? 🙂  *Brave style*

I guess I have successfully made an awesome point after days! Phew! See ya after more prolonged days now! And Ramadan Kareem to all.

Assalam o alaikum!


8 Responses to “Saieen Saieen Saieen!”

  1. naaah,u mentioned it wrong, it was saeen tu saeen saeen ki bachi b saeen(how can u forget the bachi wala point), and lol u forgot that saeen thing is way more common than ramzan wishes 😛
    hahahaha nice drawing, but to show it saeen ka roza bhi saeen u shud have put some headphones in its ears to show saeen is listening to music while having a fast and this is called a Saeen roza 😀
    Saeen tu saeen saeen ki post bi saeen

    • First you should decide what more you want to add and complaint about , kuch reh gya hai? Do u realise how hard it was to draw MOOCNCHAIN of saieen? lol everybody laughed at me for this.
      This song was narrated to me by my cousin n he showed me only sum of the moves n lyrics. Dunno the rest. and lol at headphones mashwara. I dont do drawings. U shud try that. Nalaik tu Nalaik , Nalaik ke comments bhi nalaik !

    • OR kitne afsos ki baat hai ! nobody bothered noticing the keywords FASTING AND PRAYERS!! saieen saieen shuru hogaye ap sab!

  2. saeen tou saeen saeen ki cigarette bi saeen :p

  3. o.O oh so it’s a song o.o Thank God I don’t have such people in my lists who overuse or even use such memes 😛


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