A face of Love

by Khanum

When there was nothing mom, I saw your sweet face

You lifted me off the shore, to high  new embrace

I tried to learn learn learn , the language of this world

And oh, the damn principal said I failed

I hated school. Yet went for you

Some friends made me blue, yet went for you

I tried to fight fight fight , those battles of world

And oh ,  the damn judges said I failed

Look am new again .. cause I see your face

Look am strong again.. only Cause I see your face

Look, am trying trying trying again .. Cause I see your face

A face of love.


Please pray for my mother’s health and happiness. and no I didnt try to say any poem. I don’t know poetry.


13 Comments to “A face of Love”

  1. this brought tears to my eyes.. May Allah bless your mother with good health and abundance, peace now and later, and happiness. ameen.

  2. may Allah bless her with good health

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother! Loved it!

  4. Where r you ? Been really long to hear from you… everything fine at your end?

  5. This was sweet. hope all goes well for your mom. best wishes

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