Nadia, Come to Turkey!

by Khanum

I want to post.

I don’t want to post.

I want to write.

I don’t want to write.

I want to sing

But like a bird. Not worrying who listens who likes.

Ah! .. Hi everyone.  I’m back. Been away for too long cause life got really interesting back there and busy. I do not promise to be regular in posting again as am a  seriously very busy person now. *plus I’m done pleasing readers* but I owe someone a very special award so I had to make an appearance.

This award goes to Nadia all the way from Turkey! Her love for travelling and photography with food makes her a Guru. Dear Nadooo, so sorry for posting it at fb. You deserve a post seriously. Please accept my 3rd award to you.


P.S. Did anybody by any chance miss me?

P.S.O or whatever. I do not care just asking.


4 Comments to “Nadia, Come to Turkey!”

  1. ‘Pleasing readers’ is an incredibly tough job. Good to say good-bye to it and earn the freedom to write at your own will.

  2. Did you know that this is my favorite award to date? Although technically, this isn’t an award; it’s a beautiful invitation. I will come, inshaAllah, lekin pehley wahaan ke halaath thorey theek hojaayein 😀

    I am very flattered to know that you’ve taken time out from your very busy schedule (I know what you’re up to!) to post this exclusively for me. Thank you so much!!!

    Also, I agree with the very wise Raheel.

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